What PVE planets can I land without permission?

Please advise, left my original home base for hunters leaving most of my things ,I thought I could get back there. Need a PVE planet where I can land that does not require permission, please advice . thanks

Did you review the guide as suggested in game?

You can park your ship in deep space (30km or more away from planet), its the same as pve becuase its hard to find, then you can fresh start go back to your home base multi tool all of it build a 2nd cv and bring that to your deep space base as well. Just don’t go deep space on elemental market, lucifer or homeworld or you will loose a lot of credits every day.


Please reference the guide all is explained to where and how you are safe in terms of pve Playfields. As mentioned on the current build deep space is the cheapest and main solution to prolonged safety.

Perm pve is a luxuary currently :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all you answers