What will pvp look like after the 8.0 changes?

Mussing over the possible outcome of changes that may come with the season 8 meta. Specifically, no base bp spawn in pvp, faction structure limits, and no purchased bunkers.

What do others think pvp will look like?

I think pvp areas may be nearly devoid of player structures. Also anticipating there will be more small and 1 player factions.

How many will put time and resources into scratch building something substantial in pvp that tomorrow may be destroyed? What is the incentive? Those who do, may want to be a 1 player faction to ensure they have olp protection upon log off.

Those few bases that are built will have numerous attackers as other players attempt to find something to shoot at.

I suspect the change having the biggest impact will be no base spawn. Granted, it will prevent use of attack bases, but may be too strong a solution.

Alternatively, could eleon add code to provide a server set delay on turret activation of new spawned bases? For example - 1 hour until turrets will fire after spawn. Thus making attack bases impractical, but still allowing bases to be spawned.

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I do wonder where that path leads us. No CV spawning in future maybe? Everytime you want a new CV you build one from scratch. Sounds ridiculous yes but once everyone gets used to no base spawns…

Its going to be like minecraft story mode - or Lego cant remember which lol - masterbuilders. Personally, i’ll probably spread out turrets on the dirt cos i’m lazy that way.

I like your delay turret firing idea. If its possible to implement.

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doesn’t bother me a bit, i’ve to make a new base everyday or 2 thanks to red and co, hasn’t stopped me mining.

Then again, its supposed to be pvp anyway, not player vs base, which is what red seem intent on.

I think bases should be spawnable, but only 1 per faction per planet or whatever, after all, its supposed to be a faction base, so all members of that faction should use the one base, and if factions are allied together, then again, they only get 1 base between all their alliances