Whats the deal with mining

seriously mining feels broken now it stutters like crazy cant be precise is it just me or did they completely break mining with the new update? i know its supposedly faster mining now but feels way slower with the stutter

I agree that mining is broken with the new config. The stuttering makes me feel ill and breaks immersion. Also, most gains in speed of lasers are negated by the fact that it is hard to be precise. I find that I pick up huge amounts of stone because I can’t predict where my lasers will land when turning at a higher rate of speed than a turtle. Because of these things, I have found myself mining only when very necessary.

While I do not like the stuttering, I also do not want to go back to the speed of last season. If there is a middle ground that is possible, where it is faster yet doesn’t stutter, I’d take that. In lieu of a middle ground, I’d rather have the slower lasers and not stutter, Personally speaking.

I agree. Used to enjoy mining, now I can’t hardly stand it. :frowning:

I would quickly take last season over the new changes.

The stuttering is a problem, but I think it’s because of server settings and how much we’re actually getting from drilling. Also, you CAN do precise drilling. Right click and there’s an option to do “fine drilling” which is basically what the drill used to be. But this only works with the hand drill, I don’t believe it works with vehicle drills. Honestly I like it, I just want the stuttering to be fixed and then i’ll be happy.

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actually we tested on a test server same config and it happens there too

It’s not about my settings or anything.

It’s about Eleon changed mining fundamentally in Alpha 10.

  1. You have this kind of circle and “blob” mining
  2. The Rate of Fire because of that is reduced and fixed at at least 0.5
  3. Terrain has Structural Integrity now. This is what causes stuttering. On each drill tick, the code checks for “hanging/floating” terrain pieces. This is very expensive.