Whats the official 6.0 rumor?

May 20th?

June 1st?

I like both suggested rumors; Rumors is what killed the NA server. Gotta keep em going!

January 2nd 2018 is confirmed as 6.0 release. Hopefully we don’t lose everyone else if we get it wrong again…but a very close source to eleon has confirmed this date so I’d say it’s as good a gospel!

However based on my closed testing experience id say that eleon would LIKE to release next week but as mentioned just because they will want this… Doesn’t make it so, the more bugs the longer and literally no one knows exactly, not even their lead designer at this point.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst…

Keep playing other games until you see a post saying it has dropped. That’s probably the least frustrating for people that just cant handle the tension lol :wink:



$5 says he meant June 2nd.
$3.50 says he’s torturing the community.

Hedging my bet because… well… Achilles is sneaky! :joy::joy:

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Me sneaky… No no no no no no no

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