What's the rules regarding H2O generator?


I went down to my starter planet this morning after only a 6-8 hour break and all my H2O generators had disappeared!

Is there a rule for how long they can be on starter planets (not inc. wipes of course)? they had fuel so were not empty, I don’t understand??

OSG [SFG] Mark

No rule specifically, but there was a bug on 4.0 where place-ables (Miners, water generators, etc) will disappear across the planet if it gets crowded. Happened twice on Jagal. But I do have to ask, you do mean starter, not the pvp origin planet right? because that second one it coulda been destroyed by another player.

Yes Freelance starter planet. I also noticed all the animals have spawned back too??

Could be the wipe or decay time. 6-8 hours is over decay time so most likely this.