What's your poison for PVP? Hide or Uber defense?

In the early days of Empyrion, there were many BA/CV’s designs to try to keep raiding from occurring, but eventually they all failed as more crafty techniques to overcome their defenses evolved. Then the great “deep space hiding” became a common technique versus the risk of being raided and side benefit of not investing all those resources in extra armor and turrets etc. I’m curious to know what most are doing today in game, and with the new universe coming, will you change your tactics? IMHO - the game has some serious shortcomings that take a lot of fun out of the game regarding a solid defense oriented tactic versus those that choose just to hide in deep space. Disregard offline protection; I’m speaking only for those that are in game, have a large CV/BA with a lot of in game assets in PVP zones. Look forward to your suggestions. :slight_smile:

i think it’s good that you can put a bounty on someone, but i think it’s very pointless and against pvp productive if you can see on the hp where this or that person is without being seen by anyone. because i’ve seen that people with this bounty hardly move into the pvp area. so i think bounty in itself is good, but not that it betrays the place of stay from a certain amount.