Where have all the resources gone. Where have all the factions gone

I know a wipe is on the way in the coming weeks. But seriously, where has all the resources gone?
Can we wipe all the planets? The game is boring, noone on a planet as there is no resource apart from copper. Nowhere to mass mine cobalt in the universe! Just meteors and and the hws autominer.
Meteors suck.

On a second note. Why is it that the only poeple who base up on planet seem to be in the fdm alliance?
Where are the counter alliances? If arma is the ONLY planet people will build on and the others are completely barren now then
So Why are they there? Why not just have empty space.
I want a war with an enemy who will gain ground on me, take my structure but in turn have a base to attack aswell.
If you’ve got the balls to attack a base and raid it, place your own, for the enjoyment of the server and to say. “This rock is mine, F*** Off”

So yeah im ranting, but admins, please reset the resources
Everyone else, get out and pvp, stop being lame

arma is barren now too :frowning:

also tons of cobalt on elysium.

Dont you have to have rep for Elysium?

yes, you certainly do.

i was just responding to:

There is lots of kobalt mines unfortunately they are hidden a few km’s out from planet. Might get a few extra resources aswell while your at it.

Well all counters to Guardian/Freelancer Blue Alliance seems to be defeated, or to be on the edge of defeat. All I had on Armageddon last few days was some fun sv fights. Universe is boring without enemies…

Hey Sayak, and all others complaining that there is no PVP here - suggest you switch to pirate then, hooaah lots of enemies, your own kin and then the large factions like you fellow FDM & PKA guys and all the carebear traders

To be serious, you guys (PKA / FDM) have put up a large ally, run to the BH with like 10 ships at once, why do you wonder you have no enemies?

I don’t get all the complaining here, from Rannek about Arma then now this post here…whenever I read in chat, that a trader or guardian leaves his starter and flies to his origin planet I read “hey all - pls accept ally request”…and then you wonder you have no enemies ? (I know you are freelancer, but you are allied with PKA and they are allied with everyone it seems) - well if I hear this “pls accept ally” or today the saying from gareth “either you ally with us or you die” then I’m close to vomit :slight_smile:

Do you know what Pluto looks like ? It is barren, but not because there are no enemies, it is because Pirates do the right thing and fight everyone. So there is no base possible to be sustained on Pluto, no carebear show - until I got farmed enough of the 7RP to constantly live on Eden as a Trader or Guardian or even better sit on my sponsor planet from day one… :wink:

No offense meant, but really guys, living in a smaller faction without to many allies gives you back the thrill of not being the dominant elephant in town, it forces you to pick your fights :slight_smile: and there you get it - PVP hard and honest

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I get what your saying ed. I do.let me try and explain without ranting and raging.
We were not part of the alliance for a long time and had my mining bases destroyed. Its annoying when your a small faction. Easier to take when in an alliance. Plus alliances watch each others backs.
Me and dan have ALWAYS built in pvp. We want people to.come and try and take it, when we are online but if not then ill shed no tears. (Thats why we chose arma, I think my mrs will kill me if I was online 24/7
All im saying is I cant find any pvp planet where anyone has drawn a line in the sand except our alliance, everyone hides in deep space.
Where are the other alliances? Are you all cats? Do you hate each other that much? What are you all hoarding your vast resources on?
Trader alliances should be building on planets with guardians, strengthening their allies. Holding massive autominer deposits and renting them to smaller faction or selling the ore. Seriously who has time to mine meteors? These would be juicy jewels for a pirate however. That’s what guardians are for, pirates may even have to ally to take whole planets from traders
It shouldn’t just be one alliance of freelancers & guardians working together to keep planets interesting.
I personally think it is due to the extreme lack of planetary resource deposits, our autominers are all but useless now and what are bases really but cool auotminer defence? ( without being cheap and placing your autominer and mining out the deposits, you know who you are out there)

I think iwas bummed because I upgraded my pc so I could pvp and could only find pois to attack, they hold less thrill.
People are SNEAKY they come up with ways of keeping you out you may not have thought of. and if the are online you may come off worse than you bargained for.
Saying that I had some good pvp at black hole, finally testing my beast cv ( it needs work).

Traders have no reason to be on a planet with no resources.