Where is my Honor "standing" to Talon?

I’ve been killing trees in Zirax territory … Suddenly I’m looking … I lost my Talon stand on Neutral.
Why? Is there any HWS instruction for this?
Gain Neutral to Zirax / lose Honor to Talon?

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You probably hit a tree in talon territory, or killed a talon that was in zirax territory. Have to pay close attention to surroundings. As an example, there used to be talon warriors on Shoan in the Zirax territory. There is also a Talon boundary very close to Zirax territory on Binomi.

if I hit Talon I would have an unfriendly minimum, if not hostile :). There was no Talon territory nearby.

I had the same with Kiriel, I have never seen even one, or their place. And my stand fell to Kiriel yesterday, on unfriendly (with Honor)