Why bother with "factions"

It’s not a bad idea with factions, but as with everything else, it will be misused and abused.

From traders attacking other traders and then selling back their stuff (that’s what pirates should do, not traders).
to later when i was zoning from Alliance to Neopalis East and was attacked by someone with an “Alliance” tag … I’m a trader and if people would play by the factions, Alliance is supposed to “protect” traders, not camp at zone in spots and shoot traders on sight.

In EVE gate camping is perfectly legal and an accepted part of the game, but there you are cloaked for up to 30 seconds and have a theoretical chance to escape, in Empyrion you’re disabled while you load the game if the camp force is big enough.

I get that people want easy kills and avoid any kind of battle, if the alternative is shooting fish in a barrel.
Very few “PVP’ers” actually want any kind of fight, shooting people who cant shoot back will do just fine as an ego boost.I also get that this is a PvP-server and that’s not my issue, let me say it again, for those who have issues reading the whole post before trolling:


I log in to the server every time fully aware that it’s PvP and i do it simply because HWS is by far the best server in the list, the PvP part is something to “deal with” and this post does not argue that PVP should be removed!

But it would benefit the server a whole lot more if anyone who shoot someone else in aggression is tagged as a pirate, to keep them from hiding under “non pirate” flags like cowards … call it “citizens” and “pirates” or something.
Pirate, Hunter and Alliance seems to be favored by the same kind of people anyway. Color them red on the map and let them fight each other.

Also, it’s pretty obvious from the over population of the only “pacifist” faction planet (trader), that there is a large selection of people who want to play the build & explore part of this game, perhaps it’s time for either a larger share of PvE planets or a PvE server ?

If the role of traders is to be target practice for the “pirates”, do some balancing; give shields and/or a faster ship to ships without guns … even the odds some way.

You must be new here.

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Well its supposed to be a non fighting faction, but everyone didn’t get that memo … hence the quotation marks.

Nothing that you ask for is currently feasible in game.

Keep in mind HWS and Eleon are totally different entities.

Much of what HWS is trying to do with Empyrion is simply not currently possibly done without people actually following rules.

So in short your post is a lot of wishful thinking that simply isn’t possible. It’s like saying “Hey guys wouldn’t it be grand if it rained champagne!?”

There is no way for HWS to know who killed whom. There is no way for HWS to change hud colors. I could go on.

Reference Factions, Something is coming to HWS that will make the factions and role play important again

Wait a few days and you will have full details :smiley:

One thing that would be nice is the ability to have " hot " keys / assign action short cuts. Like turn off turrets , thrusters.

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We been waiting something to be done to the factions for years now… i doubt something will be done now either.

I know that HWS can’t equip ships with shields or make the tags red, but i also know that HWS has good connections with Eleon. I’m simply brainstorming ideas that would lack context outside these servers.

And btw yes, i started on this server just before the Alpha 4 wipe, so i’m pretty new and i guess i shouldn’t be surprised that it’s not a new problem. Glad to hear that the server team is aware of it and are working on a solution … that’s great news!!

As always, awesome job by the server team, making this the best server out there!

One of the biggest obstacles to this is that turrets do not respect factions as they should. Trader turrets aught not to auto-engage other traders, etc, but they do. The alternative is to fly around with your turrets turned off, which is simply suicidal. So someone flies over a base or near a cv with active turrets and gets engaged, and consequently butt hurt. Next they come back at you hard, trader on trader, or alliance on trader when without that catalyst conflict would likely never have occurred.

I don’t see a way around that for now.

Totally agree. I also never understood why HWS use the word “faction” for the server specific “roles” as well, it causes some confusion. Maybe “Guild” (Pirates guild, Traders guild and so on) would be a better name, since Eleon has already allocated the word “faction” for what the player can create.

The best would really be the other way around; players create “guilds” (or even corporations, as in EVE) and server defined “factions”

  1. Solution coming soon. Ignore the Thranir troll (as always :P).

  2. we used faction to make it easier actually. People don’t even get the faction system. So a guild system would be too confusing I thought.
    For example people don’t know that they can change their faction name just by clicking the Edit button. Instead people leaving the whole faction, messing around with their ship factions “admin help, I can’t access my ships anymore”).
    Or they don’t know the name convention for our “Guild” system. So we sticked to the faction system to have a “T” at the end and “Trader” in the faction name for example.

As I told once, long ago - we need 2 sides. Thats gonna be so simple and clear for all… And no problems with friendly fire etc. Before devs make dat Ally-system, this would never ends.

Sorry Alex this is the same.
Imagine I make 2 sides. “Alliance” and “Horde”. I give you 3 days till you see in the “Get Support” section a title which says “Why bother with ‘factions’ - Alliance attacking Alliance”.

Sigh, before I repeat myself too much that a LOT is going on behind the scene right now and a LOT cool stuff coming soon I will take my popcorn flatrate for now. :slight_smile: :popcorn:

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U give 3 options: join 1st or 2nd faction-side or go lawless. 1st and 2nd side got their PvE-worlds, which are closed to Lawless. Now make choice. Simple? Very simple.

Ofc, if devs make all they promise about Ally-system (make Alliances between factions), it gonna be MORE easy to do such 2-side strategy, but for now… I see tons of cry about T vs T, H vs T vs A and etc.

Oh ye, and few days ago, one cry about “Why P attack P!!!”… There is no end, of such guys, which collect resources for… for Cargo Boxes. And ofc they gonna wine about all acts of PvP vs them. And there is no matter, was it violation of the rules or not.

P.S.: Ofc I w8 for new HWS-stuff, which makes game more interesting :slight_smile:

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Indeed, if the game devs introduce a way to make “alliances” between factions, or even the ability to be a member of more than one faction (3 feels like a nice, round number), them some of the faction/role things created on HWS be negated and/or unnecessary.

It would be more akin to a “corporation” system (again with EVE as reference), with a few (i’m thinking FAR ahead now) tradeing factions even making war to each other, using pirates and mercenaries(“hunters”) to do their fighting.

The way it is now, with pirates just cock blocking the valuable resources for shits and giggles, it’s not a sustainable model.
Again, i’m NOT attacking their right to do it … it’s PVP and they should be able to do it if they want, but i’m sure they would rather be hunting down people and get paid thru a contract.

Well right now with the game mechanics as it is the faction system just does not work at all. It did before 4.0 when you could see faction tags. But now you don’t know who or what ship you see so either you shoot first or die.

But we liked the faction system as you mentioned Ixx the devs just need to implement it into the game

Early game + large server is sort of like building a house. Sure we have the foundation built and a few walls , even sometimes something has to be removed and replaced. Just rough atm when it rains on you when no roof is on.

Faction system is good just not enough tools atm in game to allow it to work the way it could. We will get there though.