Why is there a CV, not in out faction, parked on our donor planet?

Was flying around Terminus and noticed how some mines we’re mined out, not by my faction.
'Then i notice a CV parked down on the planet, also not in my faction … can we get this intruder evicted please?

BTW. there was no faction tag on the ship, could be a lawless player or a player in a private ship.


well people either don’t understand english or are color blind and just ignoring 2 minutes, colorful warnings perfectly.
So the ship stays on the planet but they get warped away.
If you open the console and fly near that CV you see the ID.
Please let me know it.


The id is: 2702503

Its been almost 2 days and the ship is still on the planet.
Out of curiosity i tried the multi tool on it and noticed i could dismantle it and get materials …

It’s a restrtced planet but it’s still PvE … would it be considered “exploit” or “role play” if i broke the ship into pieces … ?

After all, they did mine out “our mines” and it turns out they also raided all the bases i’ve been to so far …

Well hadn’t time till now as you might imagine.
People don’t care sometimes about the warnings so ships falling from the sky like stars.

Well you could sell them their ships maybe.
We might implement such things maybe.

If I have the time I delete these ships, if you can dismantle after some days then it is your choice.


I totally understand that other stuff has kept you busy the last few days!
That’s also my main reason for donating, to show appreciation for all the “behind the scenes” job you folks put in, awesome job!

Nobody has said anything about losing a ship on our planet and i dont blame them, that ship is an abomination of a CV. If i had lost it, i wouldn’t want it back …

The visitors on our planet not only had time to mine out a hand full of mines, but they also raided (what looks like) most of the POI’s on the planet. All POI’s i’ve checked so far has been raided.

We had ignored the POI’s and saving them for later, so it was pretty annoying to fly around and see that someone else had killed towers, deleted cores and looted what was there.
Pretty much all we’ve been doing on our planet is place and empty auto miners.

Is there any chance you could wipe the POI’s and mines?
I realize this goes outside what would be normal on a donor planet, it would be unbalanced if we could loot all stuff, get a wipe and start all over … but we never had a chance to raid the POI’s ourself.

No rush of course! =)

I can surface wipe once, yes.
Underground stuff would need to be digged out again.
With the next server restart I can try.

Sounds awesome, much appreciated!!

edit: So the mines was reset but all the POI’s are still wiped … absolutely sux that anyone can drop down to someone elses planet and loot all the POI’s without being kicked to orbit … i hope they go link dead and lose the loot to a glitch!

I’m not gonna fuzz anymore about it, leave the subject closed … just wanted to inform.