Wipe precisions

A good example is better to understand what i will have after wipe is better than trying to understand all explanations by myself :slight_smile:

Not sure to understand if level allow you to get it or if you have to buy support pack in combination.
EB level 5 so i can save 50M
I have in EB 40 M

what will i have after wipe ? 2M5 or 40 M

Same for OCD

I ask because in EB upgrades, nothing said about support to buy but in certain level of OCD it s mentionned.

Thxs for a clear explanation :face_with_monocle:

Hey, these are the stats of EB level 5:

You can keep 50 million, if you have 40 mil in EB* you’re safe :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing about OCD is wiped, I don’t know what exactly you mean by “same for OCD”?

i mean i don t understand really the support packs. Are they linked to save more after wipe ?
I put OCD at level 3 and it says with support or something like this. When i read support details for example, i read

Keep 50m Credits after full wipe (permanent)
Keep 50m Credits after season

NO in orange

Ohh, you’re talking about supporter packages.

If you buy Keep 50m Credits after full wipe (permanent), then you will forever be able to store 50 million credits, MORE than your EB allows you.
EB 1 and that package ould mean you can keep 52,5 million. But these supporter packages do not stack, you can’t buy 2x Keep 50 mil and then keep 100, then it’d still be 50 mil.

This just means it’s only 1 season, you’ll get to keep 50 mil over next full wipe, but after that you have to buy the package again.
These permanent packages come sometimes by full wipes.

thanx a lot :slight_smile:
These guys made a great job but may be a lot of things that makes me confusing sometimes lol

Thanks for the compliment.
It’s also for us confusing sometimes, since it’s 3+ years we touched it last time :wink:

I updated the guide to make it more clear