Wipe times

Because we are quite popular and we need a core limit on a playfield, we have wipe cycle of twice a week for PvE planets (Earth and Mars).

Saturday and Tuesday at 6pm (GMT+1, Berlin timezone)

Monday and Thursday at 6pm (GMT+1, Berlin timezone)

Reminder: only these planets will be wiped. What exactly? -> all vessels, bases, POIs, deposits. Your player level and inventory stays. So before the wipe take everything in your inventory or fly away. We announce it automatically a day before so you have enough time to prepare yourself.

Again: please don’t camp / build big bases on PvE start planets. Try to get a CV as quick as possible and try to build a good armored base on a PvP planet. Other then that there are 2 PvE orbits where you can save your “CV base” over night.

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