Workshop resources did not transfer on wipe

Hi HWS team, i have the donation option to transfer my workshop items to my OCD on wipe, but that didn’t happen. I’m assuming it may be because of the OCD change to 50K? Let me know if you need proof and can’t see it in logs, I can dig up screen shots


I am having the same issue. Also my last two free OCD slots (99, 100) now have 50k iron each.
NA server

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Thanks fo the info.
If your OCD was full though (50k) then its alright.
I will check it later

If OCD was full 50k is alright… I would agree with that going forward. However those who made the donation previously (ocd or BP resources) may have done so at the suggestion of the information card “Best package in combination of the “HWS Donator” package”.
Also that change was announced after the 5.0 server was down. No opportunity to prepare our ocd for an additional 20 slots to be used. 20 is just a number pulled out of the air.

After some thought and discussion. It can’t be expected you would look into every player that made that donation. Especially when there are bugs to squash yet, and people that haven’t even got to see HWS 6 yet.
A heads up would have been nice, but there was an awful lot going on also.
For me, it is what it is. The donations help keep this awesome universe alive. The was the point after all.


I understand. Not sure when we announced it but what you say makes sence.
We have all Data in backup so we can always check and in the worsed case reload those items.
So after it calms down we look furhter into it. I noted it down on my todolist

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Did the 50k limit already apply to the factory–> OCD transfer? If not then there is probably a bug with lvl6 OCD’s from patch 5.0

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[quote=“Jascha, post:3, topic:5670”]
If your OCD was full though (50k) then its alright.
I will check it later
[/quote]Oh in that case I’m 99% sure it’s a bug because the OCD on my other account still has only 100 slots used out of the 130 available so the transfer did not work for OCD lvl 6’s.


  • OCD full (all 100 slots have at least 50k resources in it)
  • Factory has resources in it
  • OCD is lvl6 (should add 30 slots)
  • Patch 6.0 came down.

Result: All factory resources seem to be lost. Still 30 free slots but not used by factory transfer. But I’m not sure because it’s always hard to tell whether or not it worked when you have so much in OCD. But the 30 slots not filling up is a pretty good indication I’d say.

Same here.
Just checked this morning and it did roll over resources into the new slots on OCD. Appears to be consistant with Factory resources pre wipe

I just checked again and it did not for me.

All of my ingots with the exception of silicon and cobalt are way over 50k. Meaning that they should not have been added there (if I read the previous posts correctly). I also again checked my max number of slots in use (100). Therefor if the factory did not add into slots >50k ingots, then it should be adding it to the next available slot (but only 100 out of 130 slots in use so that it did not). So it must have bugged right?

But I’m, not 100% sure because these things are so hard for me to check without having OCD logs myself.

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