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=> Not a bug, just need information. I have searched the forums to try and understand how to set up an NPC trader, but I guess I am just slow/dense. Is there a clean FAQ that explains what the combinations of items you can sell, prices, etc when you sign up and pay for an NPC trader? I want to support you guys…please help me!

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Hello @Mark

thanks for your interest in supporting us!

Please start with this Guide and let me know if questions are still there:

Thanks for the reply. Let me be specific: if I set up a Trader do I specify the mix of materials I want it to trade, and then based on that mix, the price and RP costs are set by the system? I read the rules about no Epic items etc., but other than that we can mix and match a package?



Check HWS Connect out for some examples

You can ask me before in PM what package you would like and I say yes or no.

Thanks. I will move this to PM.



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