Wow, its so

DEAD around here…

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It’s really not dead, just quiet while people wait for 6 to go mainstream. :slight_smile:

We still see up to 55-60 players online at times during peak on EU it just doesn’t stay that way throughout the day! It’ll be business as usual (but better!) once 6.0 hits.

I remember when 25 was a high number lol

I guess the anticipation of 6 being released, a long time before now has meant that people likely said… ‘I’ll come back for 6.0’ thinking only a few weeks…but is has turned into a lot longer so I am incredibly sure players will flock back as soon as 6 drops

The reality is 5 is a dead man walking and when someone tells you that you have a PC waiting for around the corner you kind of look at the x box and think… Is it really it worth it or should I just wait for the beauty I’ll be getting soon…

I’m sure 2-3 weeks time the forum will be flooded with the usual support tickets and debates and suggestions and hating etc haha

For now I for one am enjoying the clam before the storm :joy:

And if my gut instinct is wrong and it doesn’t get very busy again, oh well more galaxy for us those that want it.

But seriously… The shit coming in 6.0.with the game and HWS… It’s like nothing before.

It is going to be so so sweet…

It makes me want to play again :grin:


well said Achilles… just miss getting my daily forum reads in at work! :slight_smile:

Glad to see they reversed the CV changes, although i was hoping they would have just lessened the effect, so even 15-25% would have done something, but seems a re-balance is in the works for early 6.0 anyways so better they have it done right than half ass.

Looking forward to getting back in game in 6.0


Oh yeah, our events recently support this if anything – you find most players come back out the woodwork when they catch wind something is happening. So I have no doubt at all that once 6.0 hits we’ll see player figures similar to before the announcement.


I keep hinting – if the hype for 6.0 is this good, and you see the release notes and exp branch - it’s a huge step; imagine what HWS is doing with all of these new bells and whistles.

It’s going to be a whole new game for most of you. In a positive direction of course!!

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make sure to post your pvp balancing feedback on the forum where the rest of the devs actually see it. Now that they’re in the mindset to think about it, it’s time to make sure they see your thoughts!

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LBP coming back in 6.0?

I plan on playing to see if the lag got better. It seemed better on the experimental branch. But as a whole faction, probably not.

Unless they fixed everything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Didn’t you hear Xanif!

6.0 release candidate 2.0


Fixed: everything

Happy happy happy days!!!


except they might’ve undone their lagshot fix but so-so… :slight_smile: