Wrecks for Sale

Big 6.0 Wipe is coming , I can imagine how much scraping will have to be done .
It got me thinking , by creating right system it could be opportunity to help both new and veteran HWS players .
How about possibility of sale wrecks , old ships or captured cv’s or even bases at elemental marked or some other designed for it place in HWS universe .
Some may not have time to scrap their ships and may want sell those for half price or Combat Steel Blocks stacks .
Pirates/Hunters may have fun by placing what they captured for sale .

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THanks McP!!

IGniter! You have a great idea!!! So great, in fact, I had it also and created the scrapyard!!

Much of what you seek is already available (on HWS NA) in Arma Orbit! Your drop off your scrap, I give you blocks or credits back immediately. You run off and make more bang bang, bring me more ships! :). It’s a lovely cycle!

I also have secure hangars for those folks wanting to rent a slice of the ring. :wink:

  • Hops

Oh really?

Mhmm! Not large enough for a big mobile base, but it’s enough store an SV and some creativity. :slight_smile:

you know there is this player named hops who has a scrap yard; right?

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lol utred look up.

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haha look at that

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