Wrong items on OCD

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What happened?
=> as Dr.Dark suggested, here is an issue~

When you recycle the ships some blocks recognises uncorrectly(well correctly but with bad behaviour or whatever) which leads to clutter the OCD with useless trash we cant even disassemble.
Here is the pic:
Here is the list of items:

  1. Ones which should be Walkways and railings (large) ID 1694 slot 34
    1.1 Railing metal design ID 1982 slot 33
    1.2 Railing metal design slope right ID 1980 slot 32
    1.3 Railing metal design slope left ID 1978 slot 31
    1.4 Railing metal design L type ID 1974 slot 30
    1.5 Railing metal design diagonal ID 1972 slot 29
    1.6 Railing metal design round ID 1976 slot 27
    1.7 Railing metal design double ID 1969 slot 24
    1.8 Railing glass design ID 1981 slot 20 <= probably, not sure about this

  2. Which one shoud be windows of some type (cant say more precise since OCD lack on info abit)

2.1 probably base windows
2.1.1 Slope 1x1 ID 771 slot 17
2.1.2 Vertical 2x2 ID 799 slot 28
2.1.3 Vertical 2x2 ID 799 slot 28
2.1.4 Vertical 1x1 ID 770 slot 18

2.2- probably heavy windows
2.2.1 Corner 1x1 ID 981 slot 14
2.2.2 Vertical 1x2 ID 967 slot 15
2.2.3 Slope 1x1 ID 977 slot 16
2.2.4 Vertical 1x2 ID 990 slot 21
2.2.5 Corner 1x2 ID 997 slot 22
2.2.6 Corner 1x2 ID 982 slot 23
2.2.7 Slope 1x2 ID 978 slot 25
2.2.8 Vertical 1x1 ID 966 slot 35

  1. Rampls

3.1 Ramp (3x2x1) ID 1023 slot 13
3.2 Ramp (3x4x2) ID 1025 slot 19
3.3 Ramp (1x1x1) ID 1027 slot 26
Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Cinobi, but all server players who use OCD probably

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> Every time after recycle an enemy ship

On which Playfield?
=> Everywhere

Structure Name(s)?
=> Uhhh

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> Uhhh x2

How can we help you now?
=> Well i dont know whats better for this - all of this is different blocks with different IDs, and there is much more broken ones which i’m not encountered yet, so well… My guess is ban the whole list of this blocks from recycling. But, consoles and reco recycles correctly afteralll…

Every Block in Empyrion got another ID means "Every Heavy window “Shape” Got his own id even Rails Blocks in general (Shapes) that the game knows “ok its that and that shape” the Recycle, Recycle the Structure to his Parts as the Ids are means if you got Triangle windows and normal windows then he will take the right amount of Triangles & normal shapes into the ocd even every changed Rail as you see
3.1 Ramp (3x2x1) ID 1023 slot 13
3.2 Ramp (3x4x2) ID 1025 slot 19
3.3 Ramp (1x1x1) ID 1027 slot 26
all different Ids what u can do all that “Trash” what u cant deconstruct u can put into another Bp or u just select them into your bag and use the “Trash” function and then u will get ingame a Popup if u want delete the ocd slots (for confirmed) to Trash blocks what u dont want.

so idk if its actualy posible cause some blocks have no Main id but that like the Recycle works is all time like that since 3years as i play on HwS it was everytime the same that if u got different “id blocks” the recycle will split it and give every id a Ocd slot like it should be :slight_smile: cheerio

so… are those “useless items” not correctly recycled or are they correct but you just don’t like them in your OCD?
If you don’t like them I suggest not using them in your structure :wink:
If it was the first, then it would help if you tell us what block they were in your structure and recycle converted them in what wrong item.

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