Wrong ship deleted and target ship wont delete

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What happened:

  • I was trying to delete a damaged ship since i was getting the sv limit warning. However the wrong ship was deleted and the target ship wont delete.

Player(s) with issue:

  • Delaron


  • NA

Time (cb:time):

  • 16:55


  • Eden

Structure Name(s):

  • The ship deleted by mistake : Del-Epoc 34387480 and the ship that was suppose to be deleted: RFX - WarpFalcon 34346722

Structure ID(s):

  • 34387480 34346722

How can we help you now:

  • Please restore 34387480 and delete 34346722


according to the logs you did ask for the deletion of 34387480. So it looks all right.
If you are sure thats not true, maybe @Hayawen could check what he sees on HWS connect side. But I doubt there is a problem.

Here is the request that was made:

04.01.2020 17:02:17.744 I Post HWSConnectImport: ***** (), Type: 9, Text: cb:destroy:34387480

I’ve undone it for now and deleted 34346722

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Looks good on my end now. Thanks!

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