WRONG wipe timer on WHS - LOST ALL! on Mars orbit

Hello! I look at the wipe timer on WHS Connect - there wipe is done and times show more than 2 days. I go back to Mars orbit (Milkyway playfield) and playing. Then i go to smoke. When i come back - server is restart and wipes orbit. I LOST 1 CV, 3 - SV.

SV: MRF-RC-ViperH-1, MRF-RC-ViperH-2, RAF-KFA-T157JG.

I lost alot of res. Please can you getback my ships?


We’ll check the timer, sorry for that.
But what are you doing in the starter area? You are not supposed to be there anymore.
CV is back.

I started game yesterday. And what about SV’s ? I read rules again. Sorry but i comeback to pickup ores from AM.

This is forbidden! Sv are counted as seized.

As soon as I am back from vacation I try to fix the counter. But with your hundreds of playhours on HWS this is no honest excuse for you

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