WTB/WTT epic assault rifle EU

Have Epic Laser Rifles, epic rocket launcher, epic plasma cannon, epic sniper or credits/ore

I second this post. Need one badly

An exchange Marketplace can be maybe done in the Community Section / Discord

Maybe we just remain 0 RP forever. Would be nice to have a few credits to get weekly supply package but with donator planets we don’t really need RP anyway unless the benefits are more this patch.

But I’m planning on storing the rifle in my OCD and only taking it out to warp back and forth once. My inventory is already overly full with the big trips in the universe and don’t want to risk losing that useless imbalanced * cough * I mean now super expensive epic assault rifle…

Well well… in the stress some stuff maybe felt over the table.
Especially PKA will show me if that was good or not. If I see you overcrowd your planet again I just switch it around:

If you have 0-150RP you will be taxed on donator planets. With 151RP+ you won’t. That sounds good, hm? :slight_smile:

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Nononono it was: only if one member has 300+ RP :stuck_out_tongue: <<< I like that because nobody will ever get that.

Besides limited to 1CV, 3BA (prolly 1 BA because need the other 2 for PVP cheesing) and nobody cares about SV/HV as they are mostly garbage. Only good for killing aliens perhaps with minimal damage/ammo.

But okay seriously, epic weapons shouldn’t be restricted to a type and taxes… No idea how to handle that… > 300RP = silly because we just waste our RP after 299. And taxing < 150 RP is very unfair because it only punishes the new players and those that don’t farm it (~7 days of (unintended) active farming to get that) + discourages PVP.
Because dying JUST ONCE would cost roughly 90 pentax + 2 hours of waiting to warp + ocd-ing twice (must ocd it, can’t afford to lose that item in bug) assuming that it still costs 2 RP.
Imo either tax it or don’t but don’t add RP to the formula as it causes only problems.

I second that either no tax on a PAID planet or only after 300 RP. I am pushing for a PKA rule that anyone over 250 RP is removed from planet.

About what “new” players u talk?)))) All REALLY new players shocked, that they need to live in game, for some possibility to place BA on PvE planet :sweat_smile:

If donators got their planets from server-start - they need pay from begging. Go fair-play for all :smiling_imp: