X-7 Harvest box destroyed

hi all

only the harvest box destroyed all other parts are ok now 8m x-7 is useless ı cant replace that admin can you pls help

its a shame leaving the x-7 because just harvest box

Vessel ID: 12069346

Hi, sorry, we currently don’t offer Garage ship repairs unfortunately.

if ı remove from an other x-7 can ı put it to mine?

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a 8-Million-Credits-Decoration.
I´ll guess if you remove the harvest box of another X-7, you become 2 nice Decorations to flank the entrace to your base.


Can’t you use that other X-7 then?

@DeeExpus - for the sake of inflation, any money sink is welcome, so i wonder if simple single block reparations (lost harvest, lost drill) can’t be done for a % of the ship price on occasion.

We are in the process of looking at this, who knows what the future might bring :slight_smile:

Problem is, it has to be spawned with the harvest box, it cannot be added back as it is a SV and the box is a CV/HV only part.

Could be an idea if EGS has the option to buy back vessels depending on block count/devices for a discounted refund…

Given that an auto refill otpion exists, i guess an autoreconstruct option might happen in the future…

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