Xosa and Pirate origin (bugs?)

So i was at the pirate origin planet and xosa to plunder some POIS. There were some things that seem like bugs. First off, the Alien Fortress at the Pirate Origin hat a few spawns that could not be destroyed. I am not sure if that is intended but they tend do spawn aliens like nonstop and it is quite annoying.

Xosa is even worse. After i died the first time down there a meteor storm started and went on forever. The strange thing was… the moment i left Xosa with a sv and came back, the meteor storm stopped and started again, when i died (only to stop if i leave the atmosphere and come back)

Although with its Mix of Meteor storm, Rads and Meteors in Water which are not reachable (maybe with a drill turret… i don’t know) i tried to plunder a spy outpost (figuring out later that there is nothing to plunder) i managed to get in, just to find some spawners and turrets to be undestroyable.

Even less fun was the fact that the meteor storm just went through the steel building - spy post and hit me everywhere.
I died there many times but when i wanted to spawn at the neares locationt - the moment i was in the spy post i respawned dircetly where i died thus making it impossible to get my stuff back while the aliens where still there around me.

Bugs or not but i think every spawner should be destroyable or at least every turret at a poi.

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