XTE/MRA PvP Rules Statement!

Hey guys,

so some of you got the situation from last night? If not you can read some of it here again: http://empyrion-homeworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=200

This accident was actually a summary of the latest PvP / faction hate discussions going around here and there. It contains offline raids, it contains rule breaking, it contains big faction against others, cheater, hacker, etc. We generally always called it “drama” or “popcorn”. That should not mean that you can do what ever you want.
It is literally very stressfull for us to maintain the server + the tool + coming patches and features AND baby sit 80+ players on two servers. We have a responsibility for you all and that is why we make a clear cut here.

First of all: I think it was my mistake to wrote rules which are not 100% clear. Even though I think people should understand them I see that people really try hard to find holes and leaks in the rules to punish me with it.
So to get to the point: Mad Max broke the rule #8: “Don’t grief!”. What after that comes is another sentence. If you know a bit of grammar that does not belong to the statement: Don’t grief! That was my intention at least. So let us all look up what grief means: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griefer
The fact that he had such sneaky plans long before as Trader and then executed as Alliance (“never attack other alliance factions”) is another punishment. That he brought personal stuff into the whole situation like voice chat on TS and betrayed Blitzzz is another topic.
So Prison and 2 days ban for him and aggie for doing it.

All other XTE guys were kind of “save” by our busy work week and stress with the coming patch 2.1. We have the language filter and many of XTE got banned over and over again for cursing words but they still attacked people in chat personal and aggressivley.
2 days ban for all XTE guys. It can be seen as a warning. First I ignored Zavis “fuck you RexXxuS and the server”. We ignored some stuff what was not correct but we once again enforce the rules and this is not a kindergarden where you can do what you want.

Regarding last night: they will keep most of the loot because it was silly of Blitzzz to just accepted a unknown person and let him to the main base without further tests. If he had read the chat yesterday (11pm) he had saw that Mad Max is a friend of Scorpius.
Anyways MRA should take this as a lesson, everyone should take this as a lesson to not trust everyone and just welcome them with open arms. This is an online game, this is PvP. Keep this in mind.

So because of the grief breaking rule MRA get their base on Venus back.

We / I had my lesson too so here are the new rules - even for dummys (I hope):

New rules:

  1. Don’t use any kind of unfair bugs, exploits or other not intentional game implemented things like turrets under ground, draining ammo with a drone, sucking ammo with your body or other stuff like that. Furthermore you have the responsibility to report any bug/abuse/exploit to the admins or the devs - see consequences if you break this rule

  2. Play fair! Do not steal other people stuff from PvE! Don’t camp with intention on every deposit or crystal field on PvE planets so other people can’t mine there! - see consequences if you break this rule

  3. Use english in global chat - use whatever language you want in faction chat! - see consequences if you break this rule

  4. Don’t spam! Don’t insult in any form! (rassist, laughing about mental illness, bad language in general, etc.) - see consequences if you break this rule

  5. Don’t grief! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griefer That rule is so big that we can’t copy paste the whole definition of it from wikipedia and co. It generally says: do ruin other people fun on the server! We want fair fights, we like drama of some kind of ways but going beyond this will be strictly punished! Examples are burry people, camp on warp entrance spots, impersonate people steam name, join a faction and steal their stuff or betray them afterwards, killing people over and over again even they are bugged or have nothing left, don’t build anything on escape pod drop area on earth, ETC. We reserve the right to explain the meaning of “grief” to you if you break against it! - see consequences if you break this rule

  6. You are only allowed to have 1 CV on Nova, Z or Elemental Marketplace per faction. You are only allowed to have 1 BAse per faction on Nova or Z.
    -> No BAse allowed in Elemental Marketplace
    These CVs can only have maximum 5k ingots of any type of resources.
    The BAse need a “HQ” in the name

  • we will remove your stuff if you break this rule
  1. CSW = Cross Server Warps will come soon. That means: NO structure at all are allowed to park on CSW Outgoing or CSW Incoming. These will be wiped if a warp happens! - we will remove your stuff if you break this rule

  2. FORUM RULE: if you register use your ingame name! Otherwise we can’t know if you are a spambot or not.

Waited for the response and of course from Zavi my best friend…
It started with fuck you and it ends with it it seems.

The rules are not new if you would look closley. They are just written in more detail so even you can understand them.
Banning you for exploiting and using curse words is not a new rule. Use your curse and bullshit behavior on battlefield or where ever, soldier - not on HWS.

The thing about Mad Max is sorted out.
Yaws got the reward for the exploit telling.

  • hater gonna hate.

If you think we will fail then go ahead and play on BLG again. Your mission to harm HWS was kind of successful - you had your fun.
We just don’t tolerate that you grief / insult other people again - and with this post you made this clear.

You can take all of your other insults, lies and accusations with you.
And your threat against HWS and its community is a proof of your “military” nature. Good luck with it.

[quote=“Zavi”]You bend and change the rules to fit the needs of the large faction. Yes we curse. Get the FUCK over it. So let me start by poking holes in your statement about XTE.

We are ALL over the age of 30 and have been playing together for a long time. Most are prior US military from all branches. We curse, we drink, we play games but most importantly we have fun together. If your server and inferior players have an issue with that then get over it. You have a public server that anybody can join. You change the game mechanics of it by adding in this ‘auto-miner’ bullshit. That in itself takes away from the basics of the game. Secondly, this game is about Player-vs-Player and Player-vs-Environment. We fought other players. Simply said.

You admins are corrupt when managing the server. You put out statements about ‘reward’ for finding glitches and exploits. Yet when we find one we get banned for it? And we go to reproduce it and get banned again?! Bring it to your attention and our reward is to keep the stuff? We don’t need to exploit the core game to be successful.

Third, I never once said ‘Fuck you Rexx and this server.’ Please provide me with a screenshot of me saying this. But I will say it now. FUCK YOU REXX AND THIS SERVER.

This server will ultimately fail because of the admins shortcomings. XTE has a large enough footprint within this game and many others to make sure this happens.

So go ahead and ban us for playing the game properly.

Hope you have a great FUCKING day.


Come on Zavi, i spent a few hours talking with the admins and they proved to be reasonable people, even with MRA members in the channel and agreeing with some of my standpoints. Then XTE member come in and start flaming and exploiting. I am not with that man, If an admin burns you unfairly, you try to work it out, if they fails, spread the word of a bad server. Cheating and trash talking is not going to accomplish anything.

“US military” yet you sound, bitch and act like douche lib civvies and if you are or were y’all probably NMCs or Basers acting all FRED.

I rather you don’t say you’re military.

So you banned like 12 people for the actions of a couple and are surprised when you receive a hostile response, Rex?

Yes, a couple of the guys aren’t used to having to censor their chat and got a couple bans. Yes, we infiltrated another faction and captured their base. The swearing, okay sure whatever, a couple guys like to swear, but that seems a bit like a verbal warning kind of scenario.

So aside from that, we have a scenario where one of our guys infiltrates another faction and steals a base. Based on the other post you linked, it seems obvious that your existing community is a bit divided on whether that was legit or not, so clearly it’s not as obvious as you’re making it out to be. The rules are in poor english to begin with, and just because you think it clearly falls under “greifing” doesn’t mean everybody else does. Every server has a “no griefing” policy, and I’ve seen that kind of tactic used on at least 3 others with no issues.

So at that point, even if you guys agree that’s not the kind of strategy you want to see used on your server, and decide to amend the rules to clearly prohibit it - What am I banned for? I rarely swear, haven’t been involved in any of the glitch nonsense, and wasn’t online all night during that base getting stolen.

So yeah, obviously we’re a bit aggravated. We’re just looking for a server where we can pvp. We have ONE guy use ONE unorthodox tactic to strike back at a faction that tried to siege our planet, that’s in a grey area of the rules AT BEST, and we’re ALL banned for long enough to get everything we own on the server wiped out? How can you be so defensive about claims of favoritism at that point?

Spoonie we / I understand this but still no reason to start acting like that.

We know not all of XTE are like that and banning all was only because of the overall XTE statement, that you want to harm HWS. I think it is no secret that BLG hates HWS for what ever reason and since some of XTE are / were BLG admins that alarms us.
Mad Max is cool and we will unbann people step by step if they showed no such bully acting in the past. We just need to fix some Elemental Prison gameplay for now. Your stuff has OP so they should neither get wiped due the servers wipe time nor can anybody damage them. (OP time is set to 3 days on HWS)

I excuse for my poor english and always welcome people to help me with it / correct me. It is hard enough to maintain the server. All that community stuff is another level.

About favoritism: it is just not true - all admins of HWS (3 in total at the moment) are not playing at all and we are neutral to everyone. MRA got punished enough we think. You kept all of your loot with that trick they have literally nothing in Venus left except their base. So after all you gain profit from that action. The ban is just a warning hammer to 1. stop acting like you can do whatever you want, insulting other peoples mothers etc. 2. playing by the rules.
If not all of XTE are like that and are innocent at all then they should keep their faction members calm.

We will look into this tomorrow again - was a stressful working week for us.

Who said anything about trying to harm the server? We just wanna fight people. A few of the guys are volatile, admittedly. But from the perspective of like 10 out of 12 people in the faction, we got banned for literally no reason. I just think it was handled very poorly from an administrative perspective.

I joined the server a month ago or so, I had fun with my 3 ppl Alliance faction and then i made more friends like Hatier. When SWP destroyed everything we had on Venus after few hour we settled the first time on a PVP planet and u know what? we actually had fun!
Then i joined Hatier and the RSSF funny spanish guys :slight_smile: and it became even more fun. So in this last month i just couldn’t wait to get home from work and build some stuff on creative, spawn ships, fight a bit swp, getting destroyed by illysune and so on… but this is not all, what i liked the most was the actual community so far, people were friendly, all except pirates (which would be boring without them:) ) ofc but even those swp russian guys didn’t swear on an entire month as much as XTE did in 1 day, it’s just so bothering watching chat and see them crying, swearing, brawling all the time!!
Moreover, I was NOT informed he was an XTE member!! anyway, i was stupid, i’m too friendly trying to help out players and inviting them to faction, like i invited Mad Max, a ‘Trader’? player from Jupiter, so far on the last month i’ve never seen a guy to pretend hes Alliance or Trader just to raid stuff easily or something… No!.. everyone chosed a role, and who didn’t, are declared as Lawless, like XTE, so XTE getting butthurt cuz we took out a base they stolen from Uranus (stolen the same way? who knows…), then they profit from my friendliness helping out a TRADER…

Sorry to Rexx/Jascha for the trouble, the server is still the best, and u are still best admins! No doubt! :slight_smile:

For the XTE- ex-millitary soldiers? … duh… more like ‘drunk like a skunk’… yea… that should describe u better :wink: - c ya

Calling us alcoholics and belittling our members military service? Yet somehow I’m some sort of boogeyman.who gets a ban.

Pretty sure u said urself (zavi guy) that u drink, swear (no problem with drinking or swearing), just please, keep it out global chat, u guys are infectious flamers on chat for no reason! Type all the bullshit on ur faction chat, noone cares about ur crying and flaming! Thx.

Blitzz, please stop insulting our military guys. Your personal attacks are not okay.

You can speak with your member elfrias, he was in the teams peak with you and I, and was the person who brought my xte alligeince up, which I confirmed.

Keep it polite please.

True… Please leave insults and presumptions of real live predictions out of here.
Mistakes were made. Some people did thinks we dont want here. Some misunderstood the rules. Some got hurt… But thats why we talk about it.

But the same as what we said to XTE: insulting others or predicting their real live is nothing we want here. We want the community as happy as possible and limit the angry spirits to the fun pvp fights. I think we are all grown ups and can discuss a matter in a friendly way.
If so, then we are also more then willing to show the same friendlyness

BTW: XTE: We warped all your ships from Venus (that belonged to you before) to a secure place in the universe, where also other ships are. All Members from Venus were transfered to Earth.

Hi rex.

My faction had a hudge base on uranus, vast tunnel systems and over 150 urrets located under water. we spent days and days building it to log on the day before yesterday, with in seconds of Restoration logging on, XTE had it cored and taken for them self. this was clearly done by using glitches and exploites. soon after a war between MRA and XTE broke out. everytime we logged back on after that we were instantly killed. now me and TEMASHBY are still on the planet fearful of logging on. we have nothing but a poorly stocked CV hidden away due to these cheats. i see you have given MRA there base back but you have made no mention of giving BCL what we have lost and i hope you will consider this. XTE have been griefing me for a few days now and totally ruined my gaming experience to the point hwere i just havnt wanted to play it any more as they play very unfairly.
I also think this would be a good time to either limit the size of factions or failing that allowing factions to ally with out each others stuff blowing them up.

DOWN WITH XTE, :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Mad Max”]Blitzz, please stop insulting our military guys. Your personal attacks are not okay.
[i]What attacks ? Stop projecting like a juvenile.
He’s simply stating the facts and please leave the “militairy” pride where it belongs.
Pride comes before the fall, as the wise saying goes.

And if one takes the psychology a bit deeper, anyone can see the differance between BE-ing and DO-ing.
One can ‘believe’ all kinds of claims of who they are, yet all it presents is merely a reflection of what they do, wich is not the real be-ing.
A reflection born out of ‘in-no-sense’, meaning not knowing who they are. A condition that brings a task for all humanity i might add.

The only way to resolve is to become aware of who we are, so we will act accordingly.
All this happens from the inside, so it is expressed consiously to the outside.
Simply matters of perspective, point of views.
When it happens all drama will cease to exist, because understanding is now the basis instead of not knowing.

Shi(f)t happens.[/i]


Blitz has treated members of the Armed forces in a negative way in his last two posts here, not attempting to project anything.

Military pride is instilled in soldiers from all countries, we don’t forget it, we embrace it. My friends died in a war which has was brewed up before they were even born.Now that i have explained this, rather than ask us to leave the pride behind, try showing some respect for it even if you do not share the same feelings.

[i]And why would i need to respect it ?
Respect is earned through individual recognition.
Sorry to hear that your friends have lost their lives, but that doesn’t reflect any pity from me.
I do respect their choises as i do with anyones, yet actions have consequenses. As it is their choise, it is their accountability.
My main concern about today’s militair personell is their unability to see they are being played to go fight for a programmed ideal.
Fighting for corrupted warlords who’s only gain is their personal greed. One of your presidents has warned you about the militairy industrial complex and the evil intent behind it.
And in the end they are even being played by puppetmasters.

I do make an distinction between pride and false pride. One of these 2 has a case of overgrown ego, very unbalanced.
That is were matters of vision comes in, the ability to see the bigger picture.
That is what i’m asking you to do, the results will come naturely, logicly, harmonicly.
Look elswhere alternatively , investigate, do not believe the propaganda train on their words.
Compare multiple visions and check with the truth in your own heart.
But all this is still relative ofcours compared to one’s own ability to respond (aka responsability).[/i]

The majority of men I served with understood we were fighting for the wrong reasons, it was a fequent discussion. The politicians will continue to start the wars until something is done. If we do not step up and bring our best into the military. Our forces will eventually falter, and the wars politicians start from all governments will hit 9ur home soil. That is why we step up, to defend our homelands, sometimes, it is from the enemy within.

Ignore my last post. I have looted enough stuff from them to easily make up for what they took from us. Usually I have a bit of “PRIDE” and don’t loot offline players and sneak around there base but after they have used there dirty tactics on me I feel no guilt. After all they built an out post next to our base and even had the cheek to call it XRay. Obviously where they scoped out our base and located the core and it’s weak point before mining out all they needed for a quick take over.
I guess that’s what they have to do because they have no skill, balls or “pride”

after reading the other thread “my defence” I would like to express my true opinion.
I don’t appreciate all the verbal abuse and childish name calling, I have been on the receiving end of this.
I also see nothing wrong with friendly banter, if that’s what it is.
I do not like all the offline scoping out, tunnel digging etc, dirty tactics have no place in HWS.( have some honour and balls) do it when there online.
As for infiltrating a faction to De-core and take over. That is not in my eyes breaking the rules and doesn’t deserve a ban. It’s a faction rule which should be punishable by prison. It’s not a server rule like the bad language and abuse. I think in cases like this where the rewards out way the punishment then ppl should be able to infiltrate as they have. It makes the game interesting. My conclusion. Ban the bad apples who have broken server rules, keep the dirty players so the rest of us can teach them a lesson. And this is coming from me, a massive hater of XTE

When I last spoke to rexxus, most if not all bans were to be recended, with a couple of us serving elemental prison time.

We have gone to another server. the casual pvp atmosphere seems unsuited for XTE, so I believe it was simply in an attempt to find a more suitable community who play as we do.

Again, as I said before, I am not an officer, or leader, so my reasoning may not be correct at their level. This was just why I felt it would be better.