XTE Vs MRA Today (My Defense)

Today MRA’s Blitz recruited me to join MRA.
I joined, did some recon, de-cored the base and took it over. I do not dispute this fact, I wish to claim it was 100% legitimate game play.

Note: Please forgive the long windiness, but it is necessary to explain the events.

Blitz spit some venom about how we would all be banned do doing it, I had checked the rules before hand, and saw nothing within them that would cause any risk to us. A few hours later, one of the admins (I believed he was Jascha, but i am not certain) came in and firmly denounced what I did as against the rules. Saying at another interval that rule violations will be punished. he specifically mentioned Rule 8 and some what Rule 2 to me as what i violated, and said he would discuss it with the other admins.

I know that admins should back each other, but from his repeated insistence that I violated these rules, I do not think he will present the facts clearly.

Rule 2: Play fair and don’t camp with intention on every deposit or crystal field on PvE planets!

He said it was unfair game play which made people not want to play on our server. I refute the accusation that it was unfair. We play on a politically minded server as shown by our faction system for all factions. We are intentionally playing a game which is Player vs Player and political in nature. Espinoge falls well within that.

Furthermore, I wish to state that an admin who shows favoritism in such a way he he displayed against myself and the other members of XTE causes more damage to a server’s player morale than an issue of a significant PVP loss by unorthodox methods.

Rule 8 (which i have broken down): Don’t grief! If you see a person has nothing left - let it be!
Blitz made it very clear in teamspeak that his faction was a top notch group with ample resources. I took one base and the surrounding infrastructure.

Do not erase the fun of other players only for your amusement!
I expected a counter fleet of warships to bombard the planet, and an amazing fight against people who were supposed to be the shining example. Instead i got “I’m not worried, you are all getting banned”, Blitz decided that he was socially superior on the server, and therefore should not be held accountable for his poor leadership choices. Then, rather than continuing to enjoy our pastime, he snubbed us and decided he could simply complain and get his revenge in another way.

Also Don’t impersonate other people or make stupid things like bury someone for no reason.
When he was recruiting me, it was brought up i am affiliated with XTE, i explained I strongly sympathize with them, and was a member for many month. I also said i still support them. Then asked if i could still join. They literally said that was fine, they didn’t care. They knew who i was going into the situation, and then they recruited Aggie out of XTE as well.

As explained here, my actions did not violate the rules. If it violates the moral basis of the Admin group, I apologize, but must reiterate that the rules do not forbid this, and the very nature of the server’s story encourage it. The fact is that for the first time from what i see, an underdog came out on top, where only a mere hour before MRA called the whole server to come get free hits in on XTEs’ base and bash it into the ground.

I ask that the admins allow the server’s story line to continue as it resolved this evening. If there is a rule to be formed about this incident, I understand and fully respect that decision, but please do not punish tonight’s victory simply because it was unsavory to those who were overcome.

I am not an officer, or leader among XTE, I cannot speak on behalf of the faction, these statements are all my own, but I believe should carry weight none the less in this incident.
-Mad Max

I’m not sure where I stand with the server at the moment and I’m conflicted about even commenting.
I’ve logged 200 hours on HWS.
I’ve enjoyed it immensely up till the last 24/48 hours. The steep learning curve, the great events organised but the admins. The battles between alliance and pirates. The generally very good community, normally courteous in both defeat and victory. Even Thran is a valued member of the of community (well except by one person it seems).
However the toxicity has increased dramatically since a certain faction showed up in numbers. I don’t mind the raiding and attacking and base capturing, its all part of PvP, but I’m too old to be bothered with the histrionics and juvenile nonsense.
If that is your playstyle that is fine. It is your right and the right of members of XTE to behave that way and no one can tell you otherwise, its just an online game. But it will drive others away and ultimately, in the long term, poison the server/community.
That’s the context to my thinking.
As to what you did. This topic should be “My Defense (of absolutely douche bag behaviour)”.
Blitzz should of known better than to recruit you but that’s not the point.
The first rule of Alliance is never attack other alliance factions.
Your only defence is a technicality. The rule does not explicitly say never attack your own faction. That’s the only leg you have to stand on.
However clearly the spirit of the rule is never attack alliance factions, be it other alliance or the one you are in. Basically anything with Alliance declared in the faction title or abbreviation.
You broke the first rule of the faction. You joined MRA and were then bound by alliance rules. Your immediate action was to break it.
It doesn’t look good for you.
Even if the Jascha, RexXxus et al go easy on you, you’ve pretty marked yourself out as the kind of player no one else is going to want to engage with.
If you’re not banned (I make no judgement on whether you should be or not) you may as well just go back and join XTE, since you’ve clearly just been a Trojan horse the whole time, even going so far as to mark yourself as a Trader initially.
Just my thoughts.
I’ll keep playing for a while yet whilst I ponder the longer term.
But if this is going to be the atmosphere and playstyle that now dominates the server it might not be for me in the long term. But I would leave everyone with my best wishes, no hard feelings and a genuine hope that everyone who plays on, including XTE, continue to enjoy the server.
Lets see how things evolve.

I don’t comment often on these forums, but Mad max, you deserve an medal of honour, what you did can only be explained as heroic, you are in my personal hall of fame, and this is one of the reasons i am playing as an lonewolf, noone to blame noone to worry about but just myself. and there is nothing wrong in it, faction should be more careful on who they let in, there is no rules against it :slight_smile:

Best Regards “Your friend in crime”

Mad Max i would be a bit ashamed on your place, actually I would never act like this as im simply not able to.
So if this is how you play the game, ok i dont realy care. For me its game when players build SV to fight each other and have fun with it. Its very usuall to in online games to infiltrate other faction and betray them its just not how i want to play a game, for me its just stupid and cheap.
Im here to have fun with other ppl and destroy some stuff on both sides, i dont need to win. I dont mind to loose normal way, this is just pathetic (in my opinion) and ppl who cannot win normal way do this, I realy dont understand why and i wont even try. Im more like someone whos glad when he can help others to understand game or get them out of problems. Making some other player enjoy the game makes me happy.

You took a base but everyone already knows what you are. When you find some poor guy playing alone you just take his resources, its fine its pvp, but i dont understand why you laught to him and insult him and members of his family after it. Whats wrong with you ppl? When you are attacked and loosing you start to spam about vidos of CV shooting front guns on planet, asking what cheat we used and so on. I feel like you maybe dont even understand that you are loosing absolutely normal way, you maybe realy live in some twisted dream world. Where is your bravery when you are loosing? Are you so used to some hacks or whatever that you realy so automaticly start acusing others from using it? I never wrote to google something like Empyrion hacks, why the hell i would do that?

So i dont think that Mad Max act much acording to rules as Alliance is meant to be “good guys” not betreyors, but its not the first time i see this tactic so for your generation its probably normal, let it be, im fine with it. I dont request something like banning you becouse of that.

But i have absolutly different problem with you guys.
Honestly I find your group disgusting as much as I can. Not becouse of your behavior in game like winning/loosing, but because of your behavior as humans, you are somehow sick. I think that few of you are not acting this way, not sure why they are with rest of group.
In case of XTE if im admin you all would be already banned for your behavior on global chat, insults of other players, other players mothers and so on. Why the hell you do that? Does it makes you somehow feeling better? I cannot even imagine what would happen if ppl in normal real word will behave like you guys. Its simply crazy too much to even imagine.

So I would like to ask admins to take a look on chat logs if there are some to see if your behavior and insults are what they want to have on their server. Especially conversation with Danielparkyn88 or hows that guy named. For me as for mature person is disgusting to even read it.

P.S.: You told yeasterday on global…This Elfias probably works on gass station…for me it tells all i need. Im not working at gass station but i respect ppl who do. Maybe one day life will bring you into situation when you will have to turn off your computer and go to work on gass station just because something bad will happend in your life and you will need any work to pay for appartment or so. I hope you guys will follow common way and grow up from this and get a bit wiser.

And to Mad Max. Just my opinion on this politics.

I belive that game should be won by game mechanics. Better economy, beter pilots, even better numbers.
What you did is done commonly but i dont agree with it and i think that shouldnt be possible. Game politics for me is politics in game. Alliences, betreyal of peace in game. What you did is mixing your real life person and your game character if thats understable, in my opinion. Its more like treason in real life, as we was betrayed by you as human. Well quite a surprise from a military, wouldnt realy expect that. But yes, this happends all the time and creates reason for many denying of honest ppl faction join requests.

I play a lot of strategy games so let me explain what i mean. Politics in game is when I sign alliance with my neighbor. We go to war. I send him first and when he suffer looses i backstab him. Thats absolutly ok for me, its funny treason.
What you did is this. XTE was damaged, and guys honestly you was quite surprised i think. SO you used yourself as real person to get to faction. And then you switched back to game and cored base. For me its not using only game mechanics.

But guys im not telling you stop to do this, Im just telling you that for me its chap and its quite a workaround. Cant do it in game so i use real life to gain advantage in game. Of course only my opinion, cant force someone to change to some “fair play”.

Lets all join random faction and steal their stuff. Sigh.

Oh just have too add. Please spare me (not you Max, other players generaly) soemthing liek crying and that stuff. THis is forum so im expresing my opinion, its jsut discussion. Stuff can be rebuild, and now when i see how you play im not against building in PvE and just keep attacking. What fun would that be without option to realy destroy or took soemthing valuable. Is this realy how we want to have fun?

Just one question to MRA, why did you let in XTE members, and people who had any past with them? its like inviting the wolfs for dinner.

The real question here : is this server wants Roleplay or not ?

For me Rex works hard on factions and story mode so i ll tend to say RP is allowed.

In this case, Lawless factions should act as" bad " people most of the times and Alliance as “good” ppl.

XTE are Lawless so they used some infiltration to get to MRA ? fine, i don’t see the pb, they were just smarter than MRA, and i agree with Tran, it’s not like they hide smth, they told you their affiliation.

They may be insult you ? fine they are lawless not angels. Elfias you even proposed in rebalance faction 2.0 for the Lawless :

Respects roleplay: Scum of universe. Anarchists of Universe. Marauders. Cause mayhem and destruction, lives by violence.

and now you complain ?

And pls stop comparing real life with a game it’s completly out of place if you are roleplaying.

But in the end only REx and his crew can state if they allow us RP and if yes maybe put some restrictions so everyone will be happy but i’m sure he already knows it’s impossible :smiley:

Just my opinion, i like everyone on this servers (and problably too good to be lawless, need to change that soon…) but too much drama will result, as many servers before, to the closing of the server when all admins will be bored of all the whinning and in the end we will lose this awesome server, that i don’t want as it’s probably the best on this game, and with very good admins and tools.

‘The power of the dark side witnessed you have’ :smiley:

In EVE online betrayals happen all the time.
I personally don’t like the paranoia feeling creeping into this game but I’m ok with such things.
From a positive side, this acts as a lesson not to trust new players into factions and maybe it will become a precedent. Faction admins will have to be more careful from now on.

Though I disrespect such behavior it’s because I’m more into roleplay as a trader or alliance, ‘good guy’.
But this server needs ‘bad guys’ as well.

So I’m against banning such betrayals in game, but I don’t defend Mad Max either - its his style of play.

My first thoghts was this…

Faction rule for alliance is "do not attack any other alliance factions"
In heart this means don´t attack alliance players and in my thoughts this should be brutally restricted by admins and my heart says that everyone should be banned.
It´s hard to get people as it is to join factions and you need some mechanics that punish people who brakes the alliances of that.

Now to my thoughts after reading rules and so on…

1: Bad language or calling on someones mother crap and things like that should be reason for ban. If thats what the logs say then its easy. Delete them.
2: In the case of the base core and faction spy i cant see that any rules was broken.

I hate XTE and SWP when playing. They usually kill me and i hate loosing ships all the time to them.
But to be fair i also like the thrill going to a planet not knowing im will be able to get back home later on. That is part of the game.

Zappe The Trader

I appreciate all the words fellas.

@Elfias, You have keenly mistaken me for some one else. I would not insult anyone on a personal level. I have spent the last 8 years working food industry providing for my family and going to college to become a teacher. So making fun of a productive member of society, from a hobo selling flowere to make end meet, too bil gates himself, doesn’t happen with me.

As to your comment about my service, I am an honorably discharged us army veteran, I spent three years in the mechanized infantry. Non of that has a smidgen to do with a political game, with RP aspects. Please do not try to insult my past with accusations of how I should be a better person.

Finally, you seem upset, I am sorry you are upset. You are the only person who had the common sense to say “wait, isn’t max xte?” In that channel last night. You were the smart one. But Blitz approached me, I did not try to subvert my way in by lying, or begging for a spot. You will find a fully stocked base on Jupiter that MRA gained once I joined. I felt it only fair when I join to commit all my resources to my plan win, lose, or draw.

Don’t let a game get to you. This is meant to be fun, I know losing in an unconventional is not fun To you now. But fight, trade, negociate. Regain your losses and get some revenge. Half the server should be with you now, mobilize the aliance.