Your video clips wanted

Hey community,

We are putting together some videos for release soon and I require some cool in game Hws footage of you guys battling one another, doing cool stuff… Funny stuff etc for the HWS promo video

Clips between 1~20seconds.

If you would like to have your footage in the video play pm me a link to the clip or add this post if your happy to :grinning:.

Thanks and as always have fun

Well I would if the “cool clips” of us “battling eachother” were clips over 2-5 fps for … 90% of the encounter…


You’re looking at this the wrong way.

He wants a clip between 1 and 20 seconds. That means if we take all the frames that everyone gets in a 15 minute CV fight we’ll have a 20 second clip.


hehe… some truth in that one fo’ sho’