ZC - Griefing on Private Planets

Come on guys. Keep your SDC antics to Elite Dangerous.

You owe us a ship and an autominer at the very least.

Lol not sure why your posting this in support. Is this not legal now.

Detroit is a donator planet. They’re not allowed to enter it. That’s kinda the whole point of donator planets you see. You get to say who gets to come in and who does not right? And they came in…despite all the server warnings, and they started smashing things.

This would be like me entering a different Origin planet, killing a bunch of things before the server kicks me off the surface.

So no. It’s pretty illegal.

We had the planet flipped to PvE so they can’t do this again - but I suspect they will do the same thing on Origin planets as those are still PvP.

Yea I’d like clarification on this because if this kind of thing is legal I’m definitely going to the other origin planets and smashing stuff.


Not sure how I feel about it really. One part of me feels its a fun factor and gives a bit of an edge. The other agrees with you.

If they felt it was OK to enter locked PvP planets they would not have a poll about this exact topic regarding origin locked planets.

Fact is, for us it’s kinda a moot point as Detroit is now PvE - but for Traders and Guardians, it’s bad news.

A disposable CV with rockets can smash a lot of autominers before it has to leave.

Resolved with SDC - I mean ZC.

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