100K Bounty for stirring Up HWS PvP and kicking the Bee's Nest

100K Bounty for stirring Up HWS PvP and kicking the Bee’s Nest

Yep you read it right. 100K to the first hunter Faction to basically start a fight with everyone, This is a PvP server and Rex said today sometime in March comes 6.0 so our season is coming to a close. Lets throw those ships together and have some amazing clashes.

100K BONUS to the HUNTER that brings me the BP of PKA’s Big Bosses Blue Pyramid. I need a EM Sunday driver.

Obsey, Not WKN, Not H86, Not OP4 not blah blah blah. Obsey. My pocket book.

Heck. 100K to the first Non PKA or Ally that brings me that BP!

good luck

We are waiting for you :smiley:

500k To the first one to kill Obsey and his CV. I want screen shots of him and his CV to be dead in space.

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How sweet. Thanks BB!

1m to the hunter that brings me the BP of PKA’s Big Bosses Blue Pyramid.and Mcproutys backpack and sv or hv.

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So to be fair on Bounty Here are my Stats:

73 Kills
7 player kills
66 POI

46 deaths
3 due to PvP - 1 by Raneth Yesterday (BB Owes 50K Bounty - Has not paid) , 2 by 1 hour fight with PKA 4Vme (BB was disabled but other three that jumped in did get the kills) Second Week on sever
13 Kills from own ship eating me (She’s a vindictive bitch)
10 from inattention (lack of O2, food, jumping while almost dead, etc.)
6 from POI assaults
7 from Alpha Game glitches (Last night I died 5 times from a SV attachment)
7 from my OWN DAMN faction! (Dr. Flux found out if you Multi-tool a pilot seat while someone is in it they die) BTW 10K bounty on him for that.

I fly a WORKSHOP ship. You can find it if you try. You don’t even have to try hard.


49 Deaths…Fing Centurion.


PS. 50% prepayment only

@zappe21 Bounty claimed by DMT over Iceworld

Heh, was a good fight Groovin. I like the 1 second steam warning. “Dropping ally cause 500K Damn.”. Completely caught me off guard. LOL.

I owe you now though.:wink:

Taking the Probe to Hops as I write this.

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Aww. I was hoping you would fix her up for a rematch. It WAS a pretty neat design.

3 hours left in factory til she flies again.

DMT contact me ingame :slight_smile: