130k iron CV disappeared from factory

as in the title i lost my CV who was complete on the factory without reason, tried delog/relog but no, its gone and i didn’t get my ressources back :confused:

i have a screenshot to prove my loss (can’t upload on forum coz it’s 2.1mb)

Hébergement photos

also im getting kicked by EAC every 10-15min or so, its really annoying :confused:

Did you lost it when accesing the game from a different PC?

nope, it disappeared just like that :confused:

oh, the only thing i can think off is that i deleted the HWS files in the saves folder in empryrion folder and reinstalling the game due to constant EAC kicks

Well, yeah that did it. Your personal blueprints are stored in there. IDK what the admins can verify against this, you will have to wait for them.

ah [email protected] !!
i didn’t know this :confused:
i was trying everything to be able to play more than 10-15min without those EAC kicks :confused:
so, no chances to get my CV or ressources back ? :confused:

No admin can do something for me plz ? i really didn’t know, i just tried to sort out the EAC kicks plague, it was really not intentional :disappointed:

Sorry. Its on client and server side. We cant do much about it :frowning:
Gave you some iron in your blueprint at least.

thx a lot, i can work the other ressources but the iron was much needed
i’ll never touch the hws cache again ( or only if the factory is empty ) :sweat_smile:

and thank you again :slight_smile: