15 layers-all-around CV destroyed by [SWP] kkwulf1 in 2 secs, all hardwork gone

Don’t worry about it I will make sure to put more focus on your CVS.


Kinder. Honest battle and killing stopped CV when pilot take disconnect it is not the same.

So much words from nothing… wow wow… More!!111 More focus…

yes full combat steel cubes

when: i used that build in 4.x version both for cv and sv.
where: seniors in space2 server, facton name: Fire Nation
never lost a fight on a cv fight 1v1 or 3v3, fight durations were 5-20 mins deoending on CV class/design etc.
lost 1 battle which was 3 CV vs my SV (yes sv) on a planet, and it took like 10+ minutes. we all used direct fires only since auto turrets are disabled in atmo.
i dont understand your point, but i am telling facts here. i am not gonna argue about this fact anymore since i know it worked perfectly. anyhow, game dynamics change and we need to adjust according to that, just like many online game.

This is what I was expecting. Basically there is a difference between other servers and low population playfields, and combat on high population playfields at high speed. Even on my test server, I have been able to reproduce lag shots reliably if you move quickly enough. What happens is the shot doesn’t register on the outer hull of the ship and keeps going until it sees the next surface. Pair this with the fact that full blocks have contiguous faces meld and disappear, and not render, and the fact that in 5.0-5.2 all shots are aimed at core, and boom. You have a shot that pops the core in the first 30 seconds of combat. It is not a new game mechanic, it is an artifact of unity that has not been addressed. One way to mitigate this is to use “white space”, an area of open air inside of your ship along the travel line of the shot. You can either do this with full blocks worth of space, or with different shaped blocks intelligently placed. The end result is that the shot then has to not only go through 15 layers, it has to go through 15 collision checks before it gets to the core. By no means a guarantee of it not popping through, but your odds go up drastically.

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lol @AlexAKM I like your who are FDM lol Yes they hang around with PKA as do a number of smaller factions. These extra numbers helps us as Guardians against you pesky pirates.

FDM are cool

@Gunslinger ye I find today 2 or more their ships… But they warp so fast, that I didnt crash any one… So brave guys… Rly, they just meat in your fights, to create more lags. I didnt see any thing, about what they could be so proud.

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