15 layers-all-around CV destroyed by [SWP] kkwulf1 in 2 secs, all hardwork gone

hello everyone,
i just wanna talk about a fight which took only 2 secs and after that lost my core.
well i am kindof an experienced player and had many cv vs cv fights during previous patches.
my core is surrounded by 15 layers of combat steel. and i am trying to understand how it is possible, because we all know how hard it is to build decent CVs. i would like to share my SS of my CV just after the fight. the strange thing is:

  • all my thrusters survived the attack, also growing plants and pilot seat survived.
  • whats lost is: core, 2x advanced constructors, around 20x fuel tanks, around 25x ammo boxes, 3x generators, 1xwarp drive, 1x warpdrive tank,
    i find it strange because thrusters and all other stuff is close to each other and battle only took like 2 secs.
    is it only me or are there others experiencing the same problem?

during previous patch 4.x, i had many CV fights like 1v1 or 3vs3, never seen or heard anyone dieing in 2 secs, we had fights which lasted like 20 mins, and we were like almost out of fuel during those fights, and this CV that i lost (CV name is PeaceKeeper) is almost the same blueprint that i used on early fights. i only had to make very minor adjustments to reduce its size to class 4.
not trying to rage on anyone, it is ok and i am more than happy to congrats kkwulf1 for his win. my point is only to understand more about this game dynamics. although most ppl do not obey the size class restrictions in the server, i am looking forward to have fair and fun fights.


some one need to learn game mechanic…

you got 2 secs, against 15 layers, begin!!

hahaha )))))) was your fuel tank puted together? :wink: your thrusters was not on my shooting line. I came you on bottom and all my turrets where fireing your core. Straight (couse all turrets are attcking the core, till 5.3). The game mechanics has some problems with splash shot. So your core was down. Btw, you also destroyed my core at the beggining (couse a lag shot), and you didnt did anything. So I easely put another core and then killed you. And it wasent 2 sec. it was 22 :slight_smile:

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ok so game has issues and bugs on splash damage, did i get that correctly?

And somehow I cant kill no one from PKA even in 2 min. Eather 22 min. And I mostly die by fighting with them. COuse they are good players, and they know how to play that game. So instead looking for cheating and other bullshit just learn how to play the game, even the game mechanics is changing realy fast.


yes, that right. That why we all try to find some tricks in building strategy. Maybe you can find your own. But as I said before, even our tricks dont help allways, and my core was out even earlier then yours.

And, you need to split all your devices among the ship, and never put them all together. Thats why you’ve lost all needed devices like constr, warp, fuel, and generators

dude i never said you cheated, if you can read: i am trying to understand whats going on here. maybe this way other players can also have some clues how not to lose their ships because of bugged splash damage in a few seconds. i am also not an expert or maybe not a “good” player. as i said i am ok with you winning and congrats. its true game mechanics changing fast i see, im only trying to understand:

  • if this is related to any bug because it doesnt make sense to lose a cv in a few seconds which you put hard work on it. ALSO!!! i used this cv design before and had some good fights.
  • can it be fixed
  • what else we need to be careful designing our ships.
    which seems to be “other bullshit” to you.

ok srry for bullshiting ))) We all are waiting from devs some mooves to fix that. And try to use some other blocks to defend the core. Splt devices, cover the thrusters. Its realy creative, so its up to you what strategy you gonna choose. It also depends on how you act in the battle. what side of your ship could take more dmg in battle. I think you just need to rebalance and rebuild you ship inside, and you will have a realy good CV!

about the lenght of the fight, trying to be more precise. i saw your cv, flew back to my cv with my sv. when i heard “docking” sound of my sv, your ship started firing, and there its only 10 meters away from cockpit. which was too late when i got there.

i experienced mostly 2 types of builds in this game:

  1. some ppl like you say, place parts separately,
  2. some put them together and wrap around it with many layers.
    i chose the 2nd option maybe its the problem combined with splash damage, but other option needs more space and probably need bigger class ship which server doesnt approve.

u forgot about explodes, that creates Fuel/O2 tanks and Ammo boxes, when they are shot down… Kill one, and he destroy ALL who near. 2nd type useless.

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ok so simply we can say 2nd option worked previous patches, and worked perfectly since i had no damage in my interior components before. however for this patch, it seems to be useless.

i played this game 1200+ hours, you win you lose thats ok. buti was disappointed how fast the battle ended, cuz of the changing dynamics. but still thank you for all your replies. cya next time :wink:

FYI this has little to nothing to do with “bugged splash damage”. I am going to go out on a limb and say all 15 layers of that armor were full cubes?

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This moment is reality for last 3 patches. I dont know WHEN and WHERE u play dat 1.2k hours, but 3.0, 4.0 and now 5.0 - all the same with this dmg. He Always go through the layers of armor, and we still got dat lag-shots. Nothing new. And ofc, every patch = new game mechanic. So u need learn it, and make new decisions in shipbuilding.

Your Cv design must contain critical errors, we never lost combat ship against SWP and we are using 7k ones.

Who are u ? XD I didnt know such people, who never loose vs us xD

FDM your friendly little green ships.

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1st time hear about FDM. And never see such. Mb u dat ones who runs after PKA for easy prizes?..