2 epic assault rifles missing in OCD

Again missing items in OCD… What happened? I put them in the OCD before the restriction came up (now requires OCD 6 or 7). But they are not in it. Other epic weapons still are in it. I also checked all my cargo boxes/constructors/etc. just in case I perhaps put them in there instead after retrieving them from the OCD (which is unlikely) but they are nowhere to be found.

Autominer cores were still also missing but I don’t care about those.

I’m sorry for being impatient but any info on this so I can collect my RP?

The problem was solved nearly 2 weeks ago.
Since then no items should be missing. If its that long ago, we cant track it anymore.

Actually I just noticed that I lost 3 epic assault rifles not 2 (used fa supply)… That was not 2 weeks that was earlier. Also I suspect this to be a new problem that was caused with the restrictions of epic weapons that somehow caused a problem for it. I probably OCD-ed them at an unlucky time.

I didn’t die, I didn’t misplace it (checked everything!) and I’m 99% sure I OCD-ed them (I always do to keep them safe from bugs + I vaguely remember me doing that).

I just tried fa:supply because apparently that is already a week ago so I got 1 at least. But I’m very sure the OCD lost my 3 epic assault rifles within the last 2 weeks.

Also this is like %$#%$#@#$ 4th time or something the OCD loses my items since 4.0. Never got a single item back. Mostly because it’s too hard to prove and I often don’t even remember the exact contents.

PLEASE (when you have time) add log entries (that the player itself can see) so we can see what we dumped like:

29-12-16 23:00 +300 iron ore (new stack total is now: 433.232, OCD total is now: 1.1033.232)
29-12-16 23:00 +20 canned food (new stack total is now: 843, OCD total is now: 843)
29-12-16 23:05 -20 Sathium Ingots (new stack total is now: 432.435, OCD total is now: 432.435)

I no longer trust the OCD anymore. It went wrong too often in such a short time frame and good luck to me trying to proof anything…

I just verified that this happened at 21 December (less than 2 weeks ago). You should be able to track it using my inventory logs or something right now that you know the exact date?

Also you should be able to track my fa:supply command.

The worst part about the OCD when it bugs is that I’m never sure if I misplaced something or if the OCD really lost the items or whether the server desynched and lost all of my stuff and often the lack of proof. Even worse if it turns out to be my fault… This makes it all even worse for me.

I put 4 into your ocd

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