2 month seasons... full wipe after 2 months?

I understand that the seasons are every two months. Does this mean that there will be a full wipe at the end of every two months?

yes a full wipe. which means you are back to level 0 again and back on starter planet.
there are things you can do to help 1. ocd. before wipe put everything you own into ocd
2. if you have donated you will have a donator command to give you min namount of resorces to help you on starter planet
3. if you have recived a certain donor package it will allow you to keep the items in your factory and help you to spawn a blue print for the start.
I hope this helps.
i would also recomend tha you go into creative and build a base that can be spawned at the lowest level possible which will help you with the weather conditions and also protect you from alians and other factions untill you can level up futher.
ONE MORE BIG THING Having help form your faction and working as a team is a big must. you will level up and get more astablished by working as a team.
Good luck

yes 2 month then a wipe. I hate it and to be honest not sure how many more seasons I have in me. Starting again every 8 weeks is going to take its toll on me.


Agreed I could deal with 4 months but 2 months is far far too short. I know a player or two who just can’t play everyday and it’s really killing their interest as they would have to start again far too often without being fully able to do anything.

Please reconsider. Thank you

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if we could carry everything across and have access to ocd straight away then that would make it better or make it 4 months

2 month seasons will kill server population. Already it is struggling.


No matter what game I play if I see in description server wipe is often I don’t even try it. Its only cus I was here before they introduced it I am still here.

Guys we did a four month season in 5. The last two months of it were miserable, with almost no server population. Everything had been done at that point, everyone was in a holding pattern waiting on update and wipe. HWS is in the unique position of providing wipe protection in the form of OCD. Especially now with the EGS recycle thing.

The newly nerfed OCD does not provide enough space.

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Have to agree on the short season issue. It’s not ballcrushing if you’re in a decent faction because the re-establishment time is much shorter, although still right pain in the nether region. From a solo or small crew standpoint, it’s horrendous. Hardly any time to get into a decent flow. 3-4 month seasons would be better imho.


I also want to add that it stagnated due to people waiting for the patch in combination of knowing there is a wipe coming. This effect is worsened with the new seasons.

Edit in addition I personally had a break due to the folly called Armageddon. Which basically destroyed CV combat at the time.


5 million things is not enough?

Considering the amount of time we put into the game, the ships and bases we throw at enemies and get smashed, it is not.

Maybe you just need to implement a little better storage protocols. One slot of combat steel will make 2 monstrous cv’s. or dozens or mid-small sized.

Come on HWS use to be amazing it still is in certain parts. But some of the rulings and restrictions that have come in as much as they has been great intentions have sadly made HWS a bit sour.

Get rid of all restrictions on OCD
Make AM use drill charges again
Interest should be given no matter where you are from your bank like in RL
Bring back pvp//pve rotation on certain planets/systems ever 12hrs
Bring back Class 5 or 6 cv’s
Say no to TAX in PVP systems.
and much more.



In the old days I’d go through 2 monstrous CVS every 2 or 3 days in some weeks. Get real.


Ok, well with 100 slots of combat steel, lets do the math on what you can do with this insufficient ocd.

Lets take the extreme of that situation, 4 cv’s per week fed to the plate gods, with no scrapping done to replenish stockpiles.

Ok so 2 slots per week.

That is 50 weeks of throwaway CV’s. There are 52 Weeks in a year.
Ya. I think the OCD holds plenty.

No. You are being unrealistic considering all the other things that must be stored. I do agree with your storage reasoning though. Perhaps the manufacturing of larger components instead of raw resources is favorable. And I will have to re tool to see if that helps.

However back to the topic at hand. The new seasons are too short.

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As others have mentioned the 4 month suffered from the knowledge of an impending wipe that never came. We kept being told soon so of course people stopped playing. Our faction is suffering from the recent 1 month wipe. We just don’t have it in us set up our logistics every two months. This new season in particular has been a barrier due to having to transfer large quantities of goods over from na to San. While in the end it may make it easier in the short term it’s killed our will to play.


I also speculate that current universe setup is also driving people away