2 SVs Disappeared - Alliance HQ

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE: SV disappeared after logging back in 8hrs later
TIME (cb:time): Saturday November 04, 0010
STRUCTURE NAME(S): RSI Engineering Dept / SVs that disappeared - RSI Turtle - RSI Scooter
STRUCTURE ID(S): SV IDs are also missing from registry and online feature

Good morning Admin / Support folks.

This morning I logged in to have another SV disappear on me. Global chat recommended that I come here to post as it might be a bug since it’s my second disappearance. The first disappearance was 1 week ago, and I thought perhaps I was attacked… but apparently this was not the case.

  • Both SV were registered to my Faction RSI so there were no warnings about deletion.
  • Both SV were protected from drones
  • Both were way above the block count (or so the chat asked me about)
  • Both SV were always in Alliance HQ, a PVE region.

I apologize for the bother. I’m new to Empyrion and HWS. I keep losing things and I can’t figure out why. I hope that by chatting I can at least learn why so I can have fun with this.

Thank you kindly for your time.

Hi Didgit,

Your SV RSI Turtle was decored, about 5 days ago and I have absolutely no listing at all for RSI Scooter / Scooter relating to you or RSI that I can see. You’ve literally just lost it? And you’re sure of the name?

Did you also check in Connect for structure ID’s?

The SV number that I have in connect for the fabricated SV is : Structure ID 3322157

It also mentions a block count of 9, however I know that the fabricated SV has far more than that O.o

ah ok, it says 9 blocks here, but lets not split hairs :wink:

It was in existence for about 6 minutes. Did you build it on the server or spawn it? Could it be you inadvertently deleted the core while building? Did it ever fly? Sorry, a little odd really.

oh, i thought you said 8 …

6 minutes? I flew it for roughly 2 hours last night, out to the asteroid field for some mining and back.

I can assure you I did not delete the core. That is quite interesting.

that cant be the right ID, that ship was deleted 29th October … sorry I missed that

Thank you for your help today. I’ll take notes on builds for future reference.

You’re welcome mate, GL out there … :slight_smile: