250meter can't build near enemy base?

So it seems that since 3.0 you can’t build within 250 meters or so of an enemy base. This includes enemy bases on PVP planets. Personally I have a HUGE problem with this. Wondering if anyone else does. I assume this has something to do with people using drones to drain ammo? Well since this prevents the launching of drones near an enemy base. The problem with that if it is the case is most guns shoot much farther than 250 meters so people can still drain. What you can’t do.

You can’t repair your own ship if it falls near an enemy base. I can’t even tell you how many times I lost a core near or next to an enemy base and was able to hop out and slap another core down and go back at it. Now you can’t do that. I actually had this happen just yesterday. When I lost my core the only defenses left were a couple mini guns as id just taken out the last flak when I lost my core. I had a spare core on me and could easily have replaced my core and flown my ship away but b/c of the build limit my ship sat there being pecked away at my a couple miniguns for 20 mins.

Ok so not only you can’t do repairs to your own ship which IMO is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t use a drill, drone, or multi tool either. So here is how it played out. I took out 3 sentry towers (cored them), destroyed all the defenses on the main base. And destroyed a SV and HV. But they had burried the core to the main base. It could be anywhere. They may have dug down and sideways 150 meters and then moved the core. Then remove the blocks leading to it and fill in the hole. Nobody is ever finding that core. It shouldn’t matter though at least so far as collecting the rest of the loot and salvage. But remember you can’t use your multitool. So here are 3 structures and 2 vessels I can’t even salvage b/c they burried their core where nobody could ever find it. I can’t even use my drill to go hunting for it. The only thing I could do was unload a few thousand rounds of ammo into the ground, which barely scratched the surface and I eventually gave up and left. Not before trashing the loot.

I do not believe it was the intention of the developers to deny loot and salvage to the victors. Yet that is exactly what this build limit is doing. These guys only hid 1 core. What about the next guy who digs a few random tunnes and drops 12 base starters around his area just to keep anyone from building anywhere near him. Once the holes are filled in nobody is ever going to find them.

Am I the only one who things this is breaking PVP in a big way?

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I like the fact that I cant be tunneled but I don’t like the fact if my ship falls near an enemy base I cant put a core/repair and fly away. In some ways it is breaking it, in the other way it helps people find different tactics instead of just tunneling which is boring for the invader.

Jeez, is there anything you don’t whine, complain and cry about?

The 250m rule was discussed extensively as a protection against tunnelers, in general it was seen as a good thing for the game and I certainly have seen an increase in the number of bases being built after this change - this is good.

The fact that this is an ALPHA game and IS NOT COMPLETE should be an indicator that implementations will have drawbacks. You have identified one. You also seem YET AGAIN appear to be initiating attacks and then complaining when it doesn’t go your way.

@RexXxuS can we please get a ‘Drama Queen’ button which people can click on FullSized’s posts?

Yes and here we go again, i think you messed forums which can happen easily of course.

This is the forum you are looking for http://empyriononline.com/forums/

The same problem. And no one care. All care about OP and supply packages… Thats more “important” than unlogical limmits on buildings ect…

So implementing a limit which has prevented a pretty crappy gamestyle (tunnelling such that a single player could take out a massively turreted base) is bad because it puts your nose out of joint? Read my post above, go complain to the devs that their implementation sucks, not the admins who are trying to balance a lot of players views.

Turreted base in PvE system? Rly? ok…

Some problem, is that ALL systems get dat craped limit. Even PvE systems. And it still didnt help in PvP-systems, bc turrets still suck.

About devs - L O L. Yes, I laugh.Why u talk about Devs, if this limit could be changed in any minute by serv-adm ?

There is no balance in 250 m distance on PvE planets, with bases placed by old-limits (less than 200 m).

Calm down dear. Unless I am incorrect, this is a server wide parameter, ergo for it to work on PvP it has to be in place on PvE. Turrets may still suck but this limit addressed a different issue of people being able to tunnel such that turrets did not attack them and is therefore separate from the issue that turrets and PvP in general isn’t balanced.

In relation to PvE, whats the issue with not being able to build within 250m? Do you really need to be located next door to anothers base? Just asking, I don’t spend a lot of time on PvE so don’t really get what the issue is.

I ALREADY located in 200 m from 2 bases in both sides. That happens long ago (weeks ago). Now I even couldnt rework my base entrance. Just one day, I log in, and ALL my base was locked by this limit. Ofc its cool, not finished base on 4k blocks, is blocked by new distance limit on PvE (!!!) planet… And ofc no one care, bc all talks about PvP (while 90-95% of player-bases located in PvE-systems).

btw, There rly more than 250 m limit. My underground gate, located far from other bases, but its locked on half by limits…

Alex we had 250m. After I visited your base and saw another base 200m away I changed it for you to 150m.
So I did my part. Everything else can be seen as a bug. Period.

We changed from PvP to ALL because of the overcrowded PvE planets. And no, adding hundreds additional PvE planets is no option for us.

I reply u with screenshots (in Discount) from corners of my base. With Icon of “locked” and with distance more than 150 m to other bases. Base still partly-locked on ~200 m…

@AlexAKM this ^^^

btw, if today we got new patch, I’ll test it again. Mb its changed somehow.