3 CV's in orbit now is the biggest HWS

sorry i brake the rules my Fraction having a 3 cv’s in orbit of peacekeeper5 just wanted to pick up and continue flying our home base ship. now it’s hws can understand that I will be punished but then take it at least another CV and not what I have 3 working days and all my things are on it. please give it to me again I will not settle more break mfg V3ntrax


please keep rule 4.4 in mind. I don’t know which ship you mean so I can’t help you.
The tool is setting the last ship which broke the rule to the faction HWS.


It was not the last ship that broke the rules I came up with another schifff in the system with the ID: 11338132 it was on the HWS EU Server Peacekeeper 5 from fraction brootherhood of NOD

it is possible to exchange the ships?

still don’t know which ship you want back or transfered or anything?

The Big black ship with HWS recognition I would like to return. i dont know the id of it. and the ship with id:11338132 was the rule braker

This one i want back please

I see… it is breaking against three rules at the same time. Blockcount and devices and No name given.
I set it back to your faction now but if it gets to HWS again you have to read the rules before next time.