30 000 playhours event reminder

Good Evening @everyone
reminder that I’ll host the above mentioned Event at 18:30-19:00 (have to prepare it a bit). ~1,5 hours on EU and then coming over to NA. (your chance to have double fun (CSW)).
Beside from a lot of loot from the ship that you can destroy (or not :grin: ), I’m giving away 3 Empyrion Steam keys among all participants (3 on EU, 3 on NA [no double winner]).
I’ll also stream the event in this channel, so you can come and watch:

Quick Event info:

  • find me in the Nova Sector (PvE) in Homeworld PvE System
  • bring a good ship with you :smirk:
  • try to destroy the thrusters. Once I’m immobilized, I’ll run around in the ship, making it a gun fight POI event.
  • bring weapons that have buffs on them (flame status effect), so you can kill me even in PvE.
  • try to do all that in 90 minutes. After that time the ship will disappear.

See you there and have a great weekend either way :v: