30 000 Playhours in Empyrion Event

Dear HWS Community @everyone
it happened! I reached my 30 000 playhours in Empyrion recently on steam. :grin:
While couple of these hours are not pure play-hours but loading screen time (a lot…) and idle time, it still represents quite good the amount of time I am actively involved into this game (much more in reality with offscreen thoughts etc.).

I have put a little video together while browsing folders from the past with nostalgic feelings… :face_holding_back_tears:

I really thank all of you, following me through my journey and everyone who participated in this great journey.
It wasn’t always fun times too of course. I made many mistakes and still make some but I try to keep going and improve. :vulcan_salute:
Running HWS for 7,5 years is for sure something I would have never expected to do in my life!

So, to kinda celebrate it I plan to host an event next weekend, Saturday. Details will follow!
||It will be most likely me dressing up as alien again - like in the past, some remember? - and you try to kill me for glory and rewards, if you can :grin: ||
Stay tuned and thanks again for making all of this possible!


Damn… I thought 6k was much…

Have fun on the event :grin: please record…

And cheers to another 30k hours buddy :blush::+1::grin:

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YOU WHAT? 30 000HRS? do you even remmember what grass is anymore… :exploding_head: :scream: :mechanical_arm:

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