4.0 wipe. lets use that

Rexxxus with 4.0 wipe why dont we use that and be more hard on the rules.

Ships over 300 devices in pvp = 15 min 1 warning and then kick it.
Set dev limit to SV to something like 70 and we will have alot more to think about when fighting. Even CV´s will then be good with a 300 limit.

CV´s over 50 that enters an planets in pvp = kick…

Just make the rules comply and make them stick. people will learn and we will have a better playfield.

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The main problem i also think comes with the rules and that they are not implemented strictly enough

When you first join the server it needs to say you must USE PDA or VISIT website to understand server rules because if you lose things etc due to a breach of rules or not understanding you CANNOT play dumb as the information is there.

The support thread is ridiculous ATM, ‘Lost Ship’ ‘Wheres my CV’

‘Hi admin, my name is lazy’

‘I couldn’t be bothered or couldn’t see anything about server rules’

‘My ships gone, spawn it back please’

Admin: 'it was wiped due to…being left on wipe planet
breaching rule X. device limit
left in PVP duh

MR lazy: ‘Oh ok, well i might not do it again ( i will) so please spawn it back’

Admin: Ok (as im a nice guy)

now apart from the glitch/bug issue the other 3 and many like that in no circumstances should they have their ship back or even be posting.

the rules need to be strict and then when people post on the forum and you can clearly see its nothing to do with a bug or glitch you just copy and paste.

'Hello X, Unfortunately your X was deleted/wiped due to either a scheduled wipe/PVP/Rule breach. We signpost you regularly to the server rules to give you the information you need to get the best out of your gaming experience on HWS. Please take your time to read though the rules so that in the future you have no hic ups. Thanks for playing.

Your admin team’

Some new players will not come back,a lot will. At the moment long term players are leaving due to mainly frustrations with the game but also because of things like lack of transparency with the rules. Rules are being brought in but with little or no punishment for not following, its a full sucker punch for a player when they see a breach and its being left to stand…'why should i follow the rules if they don’t have to?

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About the SV limit I spoke already - jascha needs to come back for it. Devs needs to fix the device output bug. Period.

A kick? Well better set his ship to HWS faction and warp him out. A kick would not help the server nor him.

Yes we / I know. We already have this template here: READ FIRST: Will You Receive Support? - Yes or No
And in the future we really separate rules and bug topics strictly. Trust me that this is annoying as fuck for me and consumes more time than needed.
There are really rare edge cases where rules + bugs creates a overall “Get Support” ticket but as I see the most people don’t even want to press F1, dafuq. It took me days to create this PDA.
Yeah, even my patience can be over and that means a lot…