4.1 Update - EAC Error - Empyrion will not launch

Restarted Computer.
Cleared Cache folder in the Saves folder.
Emailed Empyrion Support with screenshots of errors.
IM’d w/ Rexxus.

Others are reporting this error as well.

Error leaves an undetectable copy of Empyrion running.

You would need to shut down Steam from the Task Manager to attempt to run Empyrion again.

I am dead in the water until this EAC error is resolved by another patch.

Sledgehammer Uninstall Empyrion and Reinstall?

I’ll let someone else try that. :slight_smile:

Same error for me after this last restart on the server. I have done all of the above and uninstalled and reinstalled Empyrion. Not able to login currently either. Can turn off EAC and log in to single and multiplayer servers without EAC with no issue. Tried 7D2D with EAC and no issues. Just not working with Empyrion currently.

After the 4.1 update, I cannot start the game at all. EAC reports that the game crashed.

Anyone experiencing this ?

Yes !! Would love users to post to a single thread. I didn’t see yours. And maybe ONE of us will find a work-around.

I tried a # of things. None of which worked.

Emailed Empyrion Support.

I’m guessing an Update 4.1.1 is going to be required before we can run the game again. :*(

Well , I actually have a funny story about this. It used to take 10 to 20 times for me to be able to get in this game. Often I would turn off my virus checker, restart steam and then generally it allowed me in. With 4.1 I noticed that my game was very slow but no longer had the EAC issue, I then noticed that my GPU was no longer being used by the game. :frowning: Noticing that NVIDIA had released a new driver (they seem to always have a new driver), I updated my driver hopping that the game would start using the GPU. GPU now works, Game is again fast, No EAC error anymore.

So I dont know, I would say make sure you video drivers are up to date. ? I so hate this EAC error and glad it’s gone for me.

A lot of people are having this issue atm. It seems to be a EAC server issue.

Steam forums have many reports , Empyrion forums also .

You can report it here https://www.easyanticheat.net/contact/

Pretty sure they are aware of the issue though.

You can start the game without EAC by going to the Empyrion Installation folder and start the Empyrion.exe

But will not be able to play on EAC servers atm

Devs reported it to EAC and EAC rolled back their recent update which crashed it.

Seems to be back up I am currently on the server.

\o/ its up :stuck_out_tongue:

The ‘fix’: keep on trying. At some point it will work again.

I have some major issues with EAC now. It tends to kick me fairly often since a few days now.

Also, since 4.1 patch I’ve been getting some strange errors. Sometimes I won’t be able to type in the server chat which, by now, is an indication for me everything I’ve been doing won’t get saved. So I log out, log back in and taaadaaa, I got a slight rollback.

It happens a few times a night. Very frustrating.

The day everybody complained about EAC error was the day when I had 0 issues with my client. I was so happy. After they rolled back the EAC changes I am back to normal. Normal = Starting the game 20+ times and hope eventually I get in. It’s so sad when you consider I have 0 issues without EAC. Peace of …

Hey Crux,

yes it is not getting better with the time, but at least Devs looking into it now.
Sorry, we trying our best to keep the fun - nothing we can do much about it :expressionless:

That’s alright. Just wanted to report it. It’s been like this since Multiplayer came out so I play the game expecting this sort of stuff. I know you guys are doing your best. Keep it up man. The server rocks.

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