4 glass blocks is 0.01 size class

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What happened: Rapid Size class increase when using glass.
Player(s) with issue: Anyone wanting to build with glass.
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): It’s not a bug just something in the server.
Playfield: Strayom Sector
Structure Name(s): Planet Glamtron 5000
Structure ID(s): 23601319
How can we help you now: I want to know if anything can be done to work around this as I want to make a pretty base for my faction but if using glass makes the size class go up by one every 400 glass blocks. You can reach max base limit (7) with only 2,800 glass blocks… My faction’s (unfinished) base has 20k blocks and 44 devices and it is at 6.17 size class. note: this base does not contain glass blocks.

I believe windows count as devices still.

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I just tested and yes each glass block counts as a device. This is highly problematic, is there anything to be done?

I’m pretty sure that’s vanilla empyrion.

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Dont use them.

Hello @QueenBee

That is not a HWS setting but always in Empyrion. Transparency is very expensive to calculate for the Engine, hence it was set as device (which counts more heavy to the Class Size).
See here:


Okay, that’s too bad that I can’t use glass in my base. I wanted to make a cool glass dome in the main room.

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