4 way connectors and other ideas

Would it be possible to get rid or limit the number 4 way connectors in for 7.0 and here is my reason why. The 4 way connector has the highest poly count of all the blocks in the game (254 I think) which just a few does not matter, but a lot of builds which happened to be mostly combat (PVP) versions uses lots of them because lag shots use to be a thing. But now that lag shots appeared to be fixed, the 4 way connectors are no longer needed for white spacing and now appear to me as a hindrance. The higher the Poly count, the more lag these items will generate if I understand the game correctly because when a 4-way becomes damaged, it must show for everyone. If I am incorrect about this, please explain how I am wrong so I can understand better.

I think it is a great idea to limit the size of all vehicles to class 3 to help reduce the lag that we get when fighting each other.

Class is based on triangle count. If someone still wants to needlessly add 254 to their BP it’s their loss.

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Yip just go into your designs and remove them your ship will more than likey go down to class 3 after removing them.

Kaison I think whats important here is you did hit on something that does in fact affect performance, but trying to limti a particular type of block is the long way around adding moderation to a system that will equalize itself. Anyone who is paying attention to the state of the game right now is as we speak stripping any remaining high poly count blocks out of their ships in favor of more armor for their guns. If they did not already do so the moment poly count became a factor in class. That being said, I think there will always be 26 of those blocks surrounding my core for as long as I play the game, but sheets of them as buffers are already mostly a thing of the past.