5.0 thoughts so far

So here is my thoughts on 5.0 so far these are not criticisms or moaning or whining they are just thoughts.

So first off im going to go with points on current resources.
I love the fact that we can now mine with HV’s it is a brilliant concept but it has issues as obviously for anyone who has mined T2 drills now take a very long time to mine which wouldn’t be so bad but on say pirate starter planet the planet is 60-80% water so most meteors are in the water so not accessible by hv therefore you have to spend ages with a T2 drill.
The concept that you use O2 while in your HV to me says that it should be able to be submersible or a submersible drive may be something to think about.

So now on the trade system.
I like having a singular place for main trade a good idea it makes the market place system work better, but having certain stations around certain orbits that you have to go to trade or recover items you tried to trade I don’t think is right personally having trade outposts which you can buy from in the starter orbits is a better idea in my opinion, the main market itself I think should be where you put up all your sale posts and so forth.

So now the PVP the big one.
PVP is a main concept for many people I accept people love just PVE but for us PVP people being able to hunt people down and fight is something we enjoy and with the universe being so much bigger it is harder to find anyone also a lot of people are just on there starter area as there is not much in the way of resources around.
CV battle I think has gone badly down hill there is a nice concept to the fact that your CV has a core but it limits the ability in my eyes to make anything more that a box ship (apart from LBP’s very shiny ships).
I liked the targeting of the center of gravity but from that you only had to build a ring shape CV and auto turrets wouldn’t hit the ship so I accept the point on this and why it was switched back to the core.
In my personal thinking I feel like a core in a ship is a moot concept all ships are built with fuel tanks computers thrusters all of which are integral to how the ship works and handles so I think all the ships main systems are in fact the core not just a singular block that can be destroyed very easily.
If there was a way that auto turrets could target the ship in its entirety I feel it would work better and bring the PVP system back and also release more creative thinking in ship building and not just a block, these are just a thought tho.

So now onto starter planets and system size.
I do like the fact that we all start on our factioned planet which is a good concept but having them spread out I feel is just to make the system bigger whereas you could have all starter planets in one PVE system, then having an actual role planet like in 4.0 with its moon was a concept that I felt made it better to mine and hunt people down.
The home world system to me now makes no sense water world for instance I went sown there flew all around the planet looking for meteors and there was nothing, in 4.0 you went to home world system to the planet of the resource you needed and with the new base limits it would make it so 1 faction could not rule a planet, yes with the new alliance feature a group of factions could try to hold a planet but that would depend on that alliance holding together.

These are just thoughts of mine that I have had while playing in 5.0 please do not take offense or think it is just a moan fest as it is just my own opinion nothing more But all constructive comments are welcome (sorry about it being an essay :))


Pretty sure 99% of Rexxus’ changes have been good, the size of the map might just be the one and only issue, but we’re still finding plenty of people atm. As the server depopulates after the holidays end yeah the overall size will cut down on combat, which is a serious issue but it is what it is.

Also, boxes aren’t even the most efficient shape post patch, people are just lazy. LBP ships aren’t 100% optimal, but the 100% optimal shape for this patch isn’t a box, it’s a sphere.

With a box you just shoot it perpendicular to one of the faces and you have less layers of combat steel to go through, with a sphere you have more to penetrate. Unfortunately 99% of people on this server don’t go to the effort of placing slope blocks or thinking about that stuff so yeah.

Hey nogypsy

Thanks for the post. Constructive well thought out and presented feedback is always appreciated and I have take some notes from you have wrote to take onto considerations for 6.0 when Rex, Jascha and me look into creating it the development.

Throughout the next few weeks/months be sure that some hotfixes will pop up to address minor issues we see in 5.0 :slight_smile:

I think for 6.0 the use of polls will be a greater factor so we can try and ensure some changes implemented in the correct way that the HWS community can be apart of


@Urthor hey thanks for the reply
i do see what your saying i have been atempting to make diffrent shaped ships but with limited curved blocks that has slowed me down as there is no half curve i love that lbp have been able to crack this on there ships but i have never had a close enough look at it to see how they did it (only when it is shooting at me at which point im not paying attention to there detail) but building on what you have said i went to my own test server and built a new shaped ship which when tested against my old design you are 100% right so thank you for the insite on this

@Achilles hey thank you for taking the time to read this and to reply its nice to see the dedication from the admins for this server and that they take opinions into consideration

many thanks to all that have read this and happy hunting :slight_smile:

The only thing I don’t like with HV mining are greedy ppl cannibalizing all the deposits so we can’t use AMD. This mostly is done by vet players and negatively affects the NEW players trying to get some basic resources when all they can do is wait for a meteorite. Like some ppl will literally wait for the late night wipe on a timer, and like a mad gold rush go mine out all the deposits immediately within the first hour after the starter planets wipe.

The other thing I don’t like is HV cannot mine asteroids in space, I tried, you get an error message about not being able to do that. I think mining in space would be cool, we just need some random spawning asteroids to happen just like meteorites, because once those asteroids get drained, the resources are gone from space forever.

Besides HV mining, the one server thing I don’t like is loss of rep for every death. I’ve had several deaths due to bugs, warping to Homeworld was very buggy one night, the ship leaves us behind while we spawn in an enemy’s medical bay and get insta killed and lose epic weapon from our backpacks lol. And then we get randomly teleported around the map and die of no o2 eventually. Plus I don’t think that dying in legit pvp is considered a ‘dishonorable’ thing you should lose rep for shrug.

Yeah I think rep gain in 5.0 has been impossible just by “playing” the game - especially if you do any of the new PvE PoIs that are deathtraps.

You have to actively do nothing but farm rep and avoid both PvP and PvE if you want to gain REP points.

Yeah it’s like, I’d like to be able to go to Gabriel someday, I’d like to be able to go to the Reward planets eventually, and I’d like to be able to use the core scan feature, but those are just luxuries I can’t afford as my rep just keeps ping ponging back and forth from 10-15.

I am perpetually at one RP. And fine with it lol. as long as it gets above 1 once a week.


Even with PvPing every day and PvEing at least twice a week I’m at 23.

Yeah but we both have planets. Lets be frank, we couldn’t possibly care less about RP as long as we get to use supply.

That’s not the case for a newbie who needs a PvE world with basic resources to safely deploy autominers.

HWS autominers are no comparission since they’ve been nerfed hard and do not generate resources in a meaningful ratio and at a cost that is unfathomable to a newbie. A lvl 10 iron autominer is a joke. Same with Sathium.

Yeah but like…you play a LOT. Like…a LOT. 23 for the playtime you have is pretty sad.

Because I have been working at setting up the base on Auctoria. Every time I ever left the planet up til yesterday I met LBP :yum:[quote=“Mordgier, post:12, topic:3108”]
Yeah but we both have planets. Lets be frank, we couldn’t possibly care less about RP as long as we get to use supply.

Pretty much because of that right there. My guys know if they make it to 120 RP, they are kicked out of the faction.

My entire life is sad. That’s why I project in Empyrion by ruining the game for other people to make sure I’m not the only miserable person.

You should stop dying to pirates and then you will gain RP faster fyi.

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Ya its a lil more difficult when you share the same warp path with someone lol.

I have 91 RP, but it blows. Trying to get RP there is no pvp for me. Why would I? Its a massive pain to get it. You warp, then die, you not only lose the faction point, but also the one from warping. So now that i have this much, Im essentially destined to watch my faction mates have all the fun. You want to promote pvp, but make rep too easy to lose. I like that it takes effort to get, but just too easy to lose.

Thanks for your feedback.

Losing RP by death was an idea against ammo drainers in first place. Losing RP due bugs, well, that is a bad side effect but nothing we can take care of. Or well, a good sideeffect in the end since we know the bug and can fix it with the devs later on :wink:

Anyways RP is hard to get, which is cool but soon a new era will begin soon tackle this and other problems… I had some new ideas during my holiday which will change quite a lot again. Let’s wait for Jaschas coding skills x)