5.1 class size reclassification questions

  1. Will the server remain at class 3?

  2. Making ships “pretty” will have a high triangle count (as I have been testing in experimental branch, my current class 3 ships get kicked up to a new class 4 and 5 because I make use of clean lines and angled blocks), and thus will this change punish those of us that build ships that arent just for pvp, or just effective. Would it be possible to have a sliding limit? Say, each faction is allowed 1 class 5, and 2 class 4’s, instead of having a parking lot of 12 class 3’s clogging up the server?

How do we keep this fair, for both pvpers and those that run industry? This feels like the slippery slope of old school eve online, lol. You pvpers need carebears to feed on, too :stuck_out_tongue: And carebears need pretty ships to go parading around to get at with. I’m not gonna parade around in a minecraft ship.

I would have to disagree with your statement, Here is a small list of the most common blocks used for building, Using mostly sloped blocks helps you lower your triangle count instead of using just cubes

A level playing field is all we really need to keep things fair for both care bears and PVPers.

While the idea of multi level classes for factions sounds good its also seems very exploitable, ex a current 10 man faction could break up in to 10 separate factions then ally together now you are stuck being camped by 10 class 5 at once.

I dont have a good answer for what an ideal class size should be with the changes that 5.1 but as it seems now the smaller the class the less lag there is


Yeah difficult questions with the time left we have…
There are classes up to 9 (10 = all) possible. I don’t like this system at all. It is like having holes in a bottle and you try to fix it with multiple plasters.
Well what we do we have:

  1. We keep class 3 - some will rage quit again - some will enjoy less lagg again
  2. We increase to class 5-7 - some will rage quit again (laggs and/or still too less) - some will enjoy more minecraft again
  3. We increase to class 5-7 but restrict the most crowded playfields with the tool to class 3. You can spawn your ships there or fly there but if you stay there longer than 75 minutes your ship is lost - some will rage quit again - many won’t understand (and it is a bad option in general)

No option is really cool I know but this is how we are limited right now.
A better game-wise option will come later or with 6.0 I guess. Currently it is very bad.

For now there is and will always be performance the top priority. It won’t help anyone if we have Class 10 ships but noone, even the minecraft PvE I don’t even kill a tree guy can enjoy their play if it is laggy, buggy or worse (playfield crashes, losing stuff, etc.)
So we start small and if really needed we can increase. Not the other way round.

As I said for me it makes sense that capping lag ships is a good idea in first place. That you build lagships to fight the lag (missing hit collision) doesn’t make sense to me (as someone wrote).

Tricky, tricky but hopefully just temporary.


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fair enough, ty for the graph tomcat, I did numerous searches for something along those lines an came up dry.

@RexXxuS What do we do for the current ships in 5.0 that will bump up to class 4 with 5.1? I am going to try to get mine down to a class 3 in experimental, but one of the ships has a 180k triangle count. Through trial and error, seems 90k is the cap for class 3. Granted the ship is big, but at 11k blocks and 281 devices, and the only lights are grow lights (18). Meaning, my previously legal and not designed as a lag ship, is gonna have to drop 90k triangles somewow, lol

Seems like a step backwards for eleon, but hopefully things will work themselves out. No reason to put in these new blocks an get all excited about them, then say: “but it will cost you in terms of class restrictions”

Well I don’t really want a poll because many don’t have performance in first mind and just vote class 10.

Maybe we go with the middle class 5?

If lag shots are still not fixed then this is maybe a compromise…

Or we do a blueprint contest show. Everyone shows their blueprint and the community gives a 0-10 only judging by the design xD
The winner can decide which class size gonna happen :smiley:

Will do some personal tests today with a lot of workshop stuff.

lol, a blueprint contest show sounds cool, lol

I was able to get my 11k block cv down to a class 3 again, using the template Tomcat provided, I nuked and replaced round cylinders, fence, 4 way connectors and shutters. Dropped it down to 121k triangles, which got it to class 3. Which bugs me, because I did the same thing to another CV an had to bring it to 90,206 to get class 3… Makes ZERO sense.

It’s based on triangles, devices, lights etc.

I have a 12k block 125k triangle 170 device ship that is also class 3 in 5.1

It’s some weird formula that I haven’t done enough testing on to divulge the nature of.

DeviceFactor = #Devices * 0.01
LightsFactor = #Lights * 0.05
TriFactor = #Tris * 0.0001

Overall = (DeviceFactor * 3 + LightsFactor * 2 + TriFactor) / 6

Somewhere I found this. Not 100% sure if it is the right one. But something like this I believe.

No any restrictions! Give a 100k blocks CV with 100 artillery turrets for everyone! :grinning:

If devs make ships class they must make class restrictions to turrets quantity for every class. On it is no sens. 1 Class have all turrets 10 class have all turrets. Class 10 dont have real superiority becuse we have SUPER lag shoots!

If Rex is right then just delete all lights on your ship and itll all be under class 3.

I dont know on waht ship we will be fly in 5.1 But in 6.0 we will fly on:

  1. Cockpit 1x1 - frigate
  2. Cockpit 1x2 - cruiser
  3. Cockpit + Passanger seat - Carrier
  4. Cockpit + 2 Passanger seat - TITAN
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I use emissive textures for lighting in my ships, so no lights unless i use grow plots. Weapon limitations based on ship class would be actually a really great idea. I think that would be the best solution to keep things balanced.

No reason for a class 6 dreadnaught to have the same number of weapons as a class 2 skiff.

I agree and no need for a class 6 to move anywhere near as fast as a class 3 :smiley:

See in this topic the post I made suggested as it should be the classes of weapons of the same type and how they could be on the ships according to their size in blocks .