5.2 Experimental release

Hey @everyone,

just a quick ping regarding 5.2 experimental patch.

Please test it on the Nova server and feel free to report anything you find.
Especially the kicks are interesting to check.

Other than that this is the last and only patch fixing the NPC Trader. Took me awhile to have it now as requested >.<

Thanks for testing!
Especially @tomcat ! As a general reward you get 7 million credits and all donation supplys resetted.

Your HWS Team

  • Added Fiber as grow-able plants to BA / CV
  • Reduced flare size on projectiles (eg rockets etc)
  • Client shows message if server doesnt get its packages any more


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Wow, did not expect that. Thank you @RexXxuS for your kind generosity. Really appropriate it.

Thanks for all the work you and the HWS team does here. It really makes it a great place to play.


Yes!!![quote=“Xanif, post:3, topic:4198”]
Added Fiber as grow-able plants to BA / CV

Played on the test server for a few hours found a couple of issues

  • Noticed the do:bp command is not working: With a blueprint cooking and after typing the do:bp command. The cb:yes prompt comes up but after typing cb:yes nothing happens. The blueprint remains unfinished.

  • Kick one

Server: Nova
Server Time: 29-1-17 around 01:00
Playfield: Gold Planet
Structure: HV: ID 227007
Action: Mining gold ore with HV
Server load: 1
Ping: 152ms
Client Logs: output_log.zip (5.4 KB)

Console Screenshot:

  • Kick 2
    Server: Nova
    Server Time: 29-1-17 around 01:20
    Playfield: Gold Planet
    Structure: HV: ID 227007
    Action: Same actions as the frist kick, deleted outlog and reloged, second kick happened maybe 20 mins after the frist
    EAC Kick: No
    Server load: 1
    Ping: 152
    Client Logs: output_log-2.zip (8.3 KB)

Console Screenshot:

Never did get an EAC kick or dysnc while mining just the two internal errors

Anyone notice is OCD:PUT should be working or not?

OCD:PUT:ALL works OK in Homeworld Space
OCD:PUT does nothing at all.