500.000 credits desapeared after the last wipe

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I have the option to keep 5 M credits after a wipe, unfortunately the 500.000 I had vanished. If posible I would like them back. Thanks
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Im at HWS NA, Lawless Home


don’t understand the problem.
You have 2,6 million at the moment so everything worked.
Don’t know what 500k went where and when.

Well Rex, Im confused. Im located at Lawless HQ and under Character Stats it shows a Balance of 108.000.00 CR. Where did you see the 2,6 Million, they must be accumulating from previous wipes but I don’t know where to find them. Thanks for your help

In player inventory? That is what you have in your character wallet. That’s not the same thing as the bank.

Either use the command to check bank balance or check it on HWS connect.