500k Debt

Not exactly sure how I have 500k in debt

Im on the NA server

Game name is Muriz Goon

for some reason i had minus 199,999 Credits on my personal acount today morning… had to compensate it from elemental bank deposit.
EU Server
Game Name: PayYouBack

Was the Tax this morning.

That was indeed strange. Any hint what happend at that time?
I reset that.

i really have no idea. thought i bought something or so but can’t be.

i think something has gone wrong with the reset… ocd was reset to yesterday or sth like that. i have items in there which were already gone and several new items are lost

There was a data loss yesterday due a tool error.
I hope the new / lost items are equal. Sadly we can’t correct this right now :unamused:

I know there was a tax but we dont have any ships on a planet

But you have some in Homeworld and Homeworld is as announced a taxed orbit.

Let me write the guide ready to end this confusion

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