50k for a CV kill. 100k for information on deep space bases/fleets - NA

@RexXxuS - If you think this is pushing the rules delete this.

With that out of the way:

LBP will pay for intel that leads to a kill of a CV or a raid of a deep space fleet/base. 100% confidential. We don’t care if it’s your own faction. We don’t care how you know where who or what is.

I will accept current intel from 9pm-midnight EST via Discord.

Immediate intel payouts:
50k for information that results in a CV kill.

If you know someone is leaving Jagal and on the way to Trader - tell us. If we manage to intercept them and kill them you get 50k.

5k for information that results in an SV/HV kill. If you know someone is mining on the moon. Tell us about it. We’ll come and hunt them down, if we succeed you get 5k.

100k+ for deep space bases/fleets.

If you want to stab your faction in the back, that’s on your conscience - and you can feel bad about it after you collect your payment. Minimum of 100k for multiple CVs and or a real deep space base. If you think what you have to offer is worth more - we can work out a price.

If you’d like to be paid in materials, we can offer 999 stacks of combat steel, reactor cores, fusion cells and so on.

Obvious exclusions - No we will not pay you 50K for getting your buddies warp sled killed nor will we pay you 100k for killing a deep space repair pad.


Thats a good call … Well done!

Wish I had seen this before I hit 1FA :smiley:

Actually the whole shenanigans between the remnants of 5AP hitting each other with way pointed ships or access to Structure Commander is what made me do this.

Spies are against the rules - but I see nothing about traitors.

I bet i could have gotten you to the negotiating table with a screenie of their fleet with an octodile in it tho :smiley:

We have well over 40 CVs for ~6 semi active players.

Only think we’d care about would be one of our main supply bases - and even now most are getting drained into OCDs so how much we care is questionable.

Really I’m glad it’s getting used. If it was my design I’d have shared it by now as most are already flying Ring Things.

ahh you not really interested in fleet locations then :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to smash other people’s stuff but I don’t really care if mine get smashed.

Finding a huge FET fleet was a ton of fun.

Finding ALP (Or whatever that faction was) raiding our stuff was funny as well.

My offer still stands about getting one octodile for R&D Purposes. All I have to go on is random chatter and the combat tests and fights I have seen. I would love to see an effective design, even if it were three versions behind what y’all field currently

I will ask Vakharn if he’d be willing to let the design be shared - but it’s not mine.

I understand, and thanks