5AT Fake-Trader clan raid on Jaggal

Yeah but by then all that’s left are a few scattered blocks and backpacks and people begging you to stop killing them.

Im not even ingame atm…when the 5th tells me…maybe i tell you

I’m not even joking. We’ve been itching for a real fight and will happily bring our CV fleet to …erm…ensure safe passage.

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Thank you for posting the pictures so I don’t have to upload mine. As you can see you build that base right over the top of 3 ore veins . I also have more pictures of your bases over even more ore veins.

Please next time don’t attack me or my faction when all we want to do is mine :frowning:

Many factions have bases on pvp planets that you can go attack / raid.

Maybe check gold I hear that is a hot spot for pvp :stuck_out_tongue:

Now your next post should show us all how that raid goes.

Mine your own ore next time then. It’s their ore and their base.

You want to be a PvE trader by your own claim. You’re clearly not one. Just admit it and stop being a hypocrite.

For the record - I don’t think what you did was wrong - but it goes very much against the agenda that you have been pushing which is why I am calling you out.

You’re either a PvPer or a carebear. Pick one already.

It went super well:

Personally - I have very little interest in base assaults. I’ve been really enjoying CVs in 4.0 so I’ve been prowling space in my CV looking for kills. It’s been going well.

We as a faction may do some base assaults in the future, but like I said, it’s not really my thing. CV fights are more fun.

Just because we as a Faction like the trader and enjoy helping other traders Does Not Mean , we don’t have guns too :slight_smile:

Traders does not = carebear

To quote the Story :

The Trader faction are helpful and pacific people what does not mean that they can’t shoot back if they get attacked.

Dude - stop. You raided a base. That was not defense. It was attack.

Oh the base shot at me when I got near! I must defend myself!

This. This is you:

War, war, war, we want war, choose the battlefield, mark the time, and we’ll all be there, on the one hand the pirates and traders * (pirates) on the other side, alliance, bounty hunters and traders (these but the true sellers)


I am flattered you like me so much mate and feel the need to try and high jack a thread with personal attacks. If you understood the game you would know in order to mine ore there can’t be any cores around the veins.

Raid ? lol I am a trader mate We don’t raid only keep ore veins free for other traders to be able to mine while not getting attacked.

Again if you build on pvp planet and attack me or my faction We will defend ourselves.



Remember TB, keep it classy sir :laughing:

X, you are doing it wrong bro! You are not supposed to die! :laughing:

You’re telling me this now?!

It was a ton of fun. I spent a couple days putting together that cap ship/tank fleet and to lose it all in under 10 minutes was hilarious. I need to work on my designs apparently. I’d love to get my hands on that plasma tank design but there is no way they will let me have it.

Im in creative right now working on a new tank, fighter, and FOP. :smiling_imp:

If you put them on the workshop I would be happy to steal…erm…review the designs for you.

How about I give you a personal intro…