6.0 and the DO:re and DO:bp

I have not heard any talk of whats going to happen to this. Currently they renew after every wipe, will they now renew after each session, be nerfed or just done away with?


You will see :slight_smile:

we will be able to use in the starter planets? As we can access OAM?

yes, it’s possible

Presumably only after being on starter for 10 hours though?

Personally dont plan on hanging around that long :wink:

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On the renewal… Those won’t stack will they? For instance, I have donated that package several times. I don’t think that should give me 50 DO:RE’s on renewal though.

i donated in v4 and it was refreshed to 1 per game hour in v5 upto 10 max.

I think the balance is wrong anyway - 10 stacks of iron - sure. However, 10 stacks of zas/eres is far too much.

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Wait, surely you didn’t get 10 do:re per hour. Am I reading that wrong?
I am assuming it is meant to say you got 10, after 10 hours. Same as 1 donation package.

I do agree on the balance being a bit off also.

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do:re and do:bp refresh to max count on additional donations, as well as on major wipes. No higher. The per 10 hours is meant to keep you from being able to pull them all in at once, and pay-to-win in the most expensive way possible lol. Not sure if it is overall HWS playtime, or playtime since the wipe/donation. Regardless, 10 is the max you can get without donating or wiping, regardless of time passing.

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Good spot - edited my post :slight_smile:

Good to know, thanks guys. I was concerned I might have gotten myself into a situation I would consider unfair, 40-50 do:re’s.

I don’t think do:re fa:supply or oam should be usable for the first 5-10 hours played in the new patch, but oh well I guess everyone wants easy mode considering none of this stuff is even part of the default game.

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Cant argue with that. The first part of the game is great fun and these things do skip over it somewhat. With do:re you’ll likely get your wish as it can only be used once 10 hrs have been played. Rex has sought to reduce the use of the OAM with a charge in non-egs zones. OCD is likely disabled. Not sure about FA:supply.

fa:supply keeps the same. You need at least 1 RP for it.
OAM needs credits to push the credits value.
do:re is for now staying this way because:
a) you still need levels to make good use of it
b) it is a decision you need to make. “Waste” it at the beginning or keep it for later more urgent situations.

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Exactly Rexx you have to decide how to manage your belongs, use OAM or Do:Re is your choice :smiley: