6.0 Experimental is out!

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Please don’t do this. Mining is already a chore most times. My poor finger doesn’t like holding down the mouse button that long. :slight_smile:

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that was a joke :wink:


@Pumpula @Booyaah were completely ignored about the PVP. They’re 100% correct, I have 1600 hours in game and when I first came here around 4.0-5.0 would be 100+ on at all times almost. The PVP was all I seen going on, it was massive Cv’s fighting everyday or base raids going down etc. A lot of people were expecting/hoping 6.0 would be more towards improving the games performance as in PVP, LAG, DC’s mid fight, FPS drop from turrets firing etc like Pumpula said. Just the rendering is a HUGE ONE, you find yourself stuck trying to render a base and end up having to leroy the turrets just to see them… You pull up to your base and wait 20 seconds for everything to load up… Lots of people are hiding out until 6.0 hoping the PVP combat will get better and from what I’ve seen all of this is added content that could have waited, Many will disagree and many will agree… I am just going by my experience with this game/server. Someone mentioned the SV sniper range… I was 300 meters from orbit on desert STILL able to hit turrets on the ground THAT is why people are rage quiting after finding their base offline raided. You know why I know? Because I have done it many many times to people and they HATE it. I personally love building nice Cv’s and fighting them, You can’t do that anymore with the DC’s people get mid fight, or the horrible lag you get. It’s literally every time I CV fight I Dc now. You DC and then your game goes to crap so you wait 15 minutes to re log and by that time your ship is shot in half. I have done it to people and I’ve had it happen to me it sucks. Why make Cv’s combat capable if it’s a LAG fest waiting to happen?? I know I’m not the only on who feels this way. I’m not bashing anyone or anything I’m just putting my opinion out there. I know 6.0 will bring many cool features/changes but I didn’t see much for performance and that was really upsetting to a lot of people. I play with serious PVP junkies and they all can agree… We have proven this many times in the past couple weeks on desert world. I’m just trying to help the game honestly, I play this game a lot as you can see… I enjoy this game as well as this server/community. I want it to get better not worse! It’s scary knowing how many people quit the game because of the problems I listed. Offline raiding is a BIG one, I myself don’t have to worry as much because we have active members who are able to play more than others. Nobody wants to leave their PVE planets because of offline raiding. It’s horrible because then PVP guys like us get no action. Sorry for ranting on, I seen Pumpula’s post and it really made me want to say something as well.


I think the only way we can pvp for now is to scrap cv fights and do only armageddon land/sv fighting for now those are a lot less laggy and a lot more fun, only cv ill be building is a none combat carrier.


I will honestly say that my scrapping business has taken a recent big turn to scrapping more SV/HV’s than CV’s by far!


Very well written and to the point. For a lot of us players, (not all), the PVP aspect of the game is very important for us to have interest in playing this game…
I have been playing with the lag-fest and x-ing fingers that next update will bring some performance increase, because right now if more than 2 cv’s are involved fighting the lagfest and disconnects start…Also on Gabriel it were very laggy and a lot of disconnects when only a few SV’s fought.
Most of our faction members has already left and im not sure how many will come back with 6.0. And then of those coming back for 6.0, how many will stay it out? From what I have heard from general talk within the faction the future dont look too bright with current development…

Maybe 7.0? (X-ing fingers again!)


Lets also consider, my fine fellows, that the first couple weeks of 6.o are gonna feel like they did lots to improve performance, because it will be a virgin server!

So even if you are considering hibernating till 7.0 now because they put in a new UI and didnt fix lagshots, you might consider enjoying the fresh, crisp clean :new:ness of HWS 6.0.

also, while this is a three phased release to 6.0, you would expect several minor releases that may address some of the burning feedback…

One thing i can suggest, which has been noted before – Go make yourselves known on the Eleon forums!! Its great to complain here, and Rex and team rep us well, but you have voices there also. Multiply them.

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Is it just me or does everyone want to make babies with Hop’s great attitude?

My great attitude is a hussy - that could be arranged. :heart_decoration:

There must be a balance in the force! :smiley:

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Already done Hops! :slight_smile:

Motorbike is more broken then before, you start running on top of it instead of sitting down when riding it, some times when spawning a motorbike a ghost image of it will stay behind after you get on the actual one and ride away, (ghost image could not be interacted with after but stayed on pretty much permanently)

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I would like to sees a map that promotes more pvp and more territorial control. I was recently on a server where I saw galactic map I thought would fit HWS perfectly.


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That’s a cool map, big. And very expensive warps!! I guess the idea is travel within a region is moderately cheap ish and the inner ring is very expensive, id guess to make travel a very deliberate activity.

Would be interesting to see how they all interacts and what makes owning one territory better or different than another. Really cool concept though.

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Another advantage is that in order to enter the different “zones” you can only enter through a couple choke points. If an origin could defend those particular choke points, then you could have defensible space and territory. people can build in pvp space and not worry about losing it all in 3 hours. We can’t control what the devs include or don’t include in their updates to help pvp. The map is one of the things that impacts PVP in a big way and fortunately we DO have control over that. I really like how that map is set up.

For a 25 - 30 player server this is interesting yes. But for HWS this map wouldn’t be good at all.
I can’t stress out enough that as soon as you have 30+ open playfields at the same time you just going down regarding CPU. And if the CPU can’t catch up the player movements etc. well… you know what happens then.

So we have to make it small but yes, the layout is the most important thing.
Choke points can be good (your way) and bad (warp camping). We had this discussion already.

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I don’t understand how people are surprised that 6.0 didn’t address CV combat. Ever since 5.0 Eleon has been very clear that they aren’t touching CV combat mechanics until 7.0 (much to the dismay of all PvP players that read the official forums).

Having said that, how confident are the people here that they didn’t fix lag in 6.0? @Tomcat and I did a 1v1 test last week and neither one of us got a stutter which is a very tangible change from the 5.x builds. We’re trying a 2v2 with other LBP people tonight. If that goes well we will keep increasing the number of people.

Everyone in this thread that is moaning about PvP needs to hop on the experimental server with some friends and kill each other. The more information we give Eleon the faster our complaints will be addressed. Theoretically at least.


"Ever since 5.0 Eleon has been very clear that they aren’t touching CV combat mechanics until 7.0. "

Where did you find this information?

I am having issues finding the post where I remember them giving a hard patch number for CV mechanics. This is the closest I can find at the moment which severely damages my claim that they have been “very clear.”

And just scroll top or search in the forum here:

And regarding PvP / nw improvements I can only say: as long as we (HWS) are in the boat we will push it over and over again. For now we have the go for it for 7.0. 6.0 was really important regarding surviving.

Little reminder that Jascha & me = Eleon

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